Unable to connect Schlage wave door lock to smarthings

Hi all! I’m having a lot of trouble connecting my door lock (Schlage Zwave deadbolt) to ST. I’ve tried exclusion, but after about 30ish seconds of waiting with ST app saying “preparing”, I get a red x/beep from the lock. Any ideas would be great

Specifically which model lock. (it matters)

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BE469ZP lock CAM 619

Now that S2 security is supported, you may need to have the lock within 1-3 ft of the hub for it to join.

The lock and the hub is about 3in away from the lock

If you are adding to the “stock” drivers, try moving hub closer to lock. If trying to connect to the new Edge drivers, one of my locks connected withiut much issue. The second lock required me to do a factory reset before it would join. I had issues with scanning the qr code.

I honestly have no clue what drivers I’m doing but here are the steps I’ve taken so far each time:

  • unplug battery, hold schlage button, plug it back in and the light flashes green 3 times
  • enter the default lock code and it goes through a setup cycle
  • exclude by going into the zwave utility, exclude then pressing the back button. lock flashes green
  • put smarthings hub into searching mode by trying to add a device
  • pressed the back button (i have also tried pressing 0 in admin mode on the lock) and waited for it to connect only to get a red flash then stopped after either 5s or 30s

I have two stubborn BE469ZP’s that will join the network but communication with the locks is unsuccessful once they join. They eventually go offline. I’ve tried both the stock Edge driver and the [ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community from @philh30. When I use the community driver, because there are many more attributes being asked for from the lock and the lock never responds, the transmission queue on the hub gets filled and takes down communication with the rest of my Z-Wave network. My hub is the ST Wi-Fi hub running 43.5. Waiting on 45.11 to be installed and see if that makes any difference.

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Don’t know but have you check to see if lock was added in a seperate room? My locks were added to a different room.
As for which driver, if you didn’t add any driver, then i would guess it is the basic drivers.

He said the lock LED flashed red which indicates inclusion failed.

The ST app itself says its failed after a while, which is probably a timeout erorr

my hubs on 46.0… can i downgrade?

I am on 46.8. I used to @philh30 drivers and it worked.
I saw the blink red but not sure mine ever blink a non-red color. Probably wrong again!

No, ST controls what version firmware is installed.

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ah… hmm ok

which driver did you install, can you send a direct link

Try this link from @philh30

and how do i install it… sorry lol,=

Go to the start of the thread. Go down to the first post from 17 days ago. There is a step by step instruction by @JohnRichard it is fairly straight forward. It does take a few minutes for everything to update.

I had exactly the same issue after my zigbee version started acting funky the other day. It would report its state changes but not change state from the app on lock/unlock.

I deleted and tried to re-add it and had no end of trouble.

The only way I could get it to add, was by selecting it from the “brand” option. No detecting or scanning for it worked at all.