[ST Edge] ONVIF-compliant IP Camera Motion Detection & Video Streaming - Testers Wanted!

If it is possible to log with the CLI remotely then I’ll try my best to get what is needed, camera is installed at my Parents home. Especially if it aids in your development efforts, added bonus will be if it makes adding more cameras to my network in the future easier.
Edit: I’m going to install the Reolink windows client to see if there are ONVIF settings as I couldn’t find any in the Andriod app or the web interface.
Edit #2: Found ONVIF settings in PC client and successfully discovered cam, have motion events working but not video feed.
Edit#3: Video is confirmed working on the local WiFi network, I just couldn’t see it over cellular connection. Guessing it is a port issue on Gateway/Router?

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@TAustin you can add Reolink E1 Zoom PTZ Indoor Wi-Fi Camera to the known working list! More to come when I decide which model to buy next.

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Awesome! Glad you got it working and thanks for letting me know. :+1:t3:

Does anyone know if this works with tapo c310 or is there a onvif camera that can be powered by a usb cable like a low voltage one?

I had problems with my Tapo. Stream was ok but no motion detection and we couldn’t figure out what was the problem.

Ah thanks for that oh well

Does anyone know if the reolink e1 outdoor will work? I think the list says the reolink e1 pro works so I imagine it should?

I was very close to ordering E1 Outdoor to find out if it was compatible. After reading a few poor reviews I ended up pre ordering the TrackMix WiFi, expected ship date of August 15th.
Edit: I only have hopes of one camera being exposed to SmartThings.

Hi, thanks @TAustin for this effort,

I am trying to add a chinese Onvif camera, it is not discovered automaticaly, if I go on Onvif Device Manager, I see it and is discoverable:

Then if I set the IP in the manual device creator, it is shown in status as “Valid IP Address”, but if I click on the “create new device” button or does nothing or the status is “Not responding” (I´ll send you the logs for this part). what else should I do now?

Is your camera on the same subnet as your hub?

Yes, mi hub is a smartthings wifi hub so my hub is in and my camera ending 111

My device is connected

But no video is showed. Can you help me?

Is motion detection working reliably for anyone with Reolink cameras? Seems that it only detects when camera switches from daytime color to nighttime black and white.

It works reliably for me - I have a few Reolink cameras.

Have you checked your camera motion sensitivity settings? I know exactly what you mean about a motion event getting triggered when the camera switches from daytime to nighttime. You’d think they could be smarter about that and not treat it as a motion event!

If you use the Reolink app, does it appear that motion is triggering more as you expect it to? I think there is a small white dot that appears in the upper right corner when motion is detected when you are viewing the video stream.

One other thing to confirm is to check your camera device Settings and make sure that Motion Rule Selection is set to ‘RuleEngine/CellMotionDetector’.

Motion events are working as expected in Reolink app, regular motion, person detected, vehicle detected. The only events logged in SmartThings device history are when camera switches from day to night mode.
Edit: in screen shot there were multiple events that were recorded in Reolink app prior to and afterwhat was logged in SmartThings device history.

Looking to do the same thing. Have the same model. Just purchased a new Samsung tv and would like to get all my cameras on the screen. Does anyone have any success with Tapo cams ? Not sure what I need to do, to be honest!

Thank you

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Hi There, thanks for your work on this.

I have 2 Reolink RLC-820 Cameras connected to Synology Surveillance Station. I have installed your ONVIF ST Edge driver and I have the cameras configure and working in ST just fine. I have motion events enables and ST is reporting the motion. All seems good from a configuration point of view.

Not sure if there is anything you can do to help me with my problem but this seemed as good as place as any to ask.

I want to have the motion detected by the RLC-820 turn on my outdoor lights via a smart switch from sunset to sunrise. Simply robot. The problem is that when the RLC-820 switches to IR mode it triggers a motion event, which turns my lights on. The robot is set to turn the lights off after 4 minutes which it does, but turning the lights off sets off a motion event, and thus the robot gets stuck in a endless loop.

Any thoughts on how to change my settings to prevent this from happening?

Thanks again


Hi - Unfortunately others have tried to display their camera feeds on the Samsung TV and it just doesn’t work.

The driver works with Tapo cams for video streaming, but so far I’ve not been able to get their motion events to work.

I see the problem!

Could you set a start/end time boundary for your automation so that is doesn’t run during dusk and dawn? I don’t remember if there is a ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ option in the Rules engine; maybe someone here can comment.

I was also going to suggest experimenting with the motion sensitivity configuration in your camera to see if you could get it to ignore the IR mode switches, but I’m doubtful.

This ought to be a very common problem with these cameras, and certainly nothing unique to SmartThings. Have you tried some Google searches to see if there are clever ways to solve this?

As Tod mentioned above it is not possible due to the Smartthings platform not fully supporting video, Nest cams do show on the Tv but i would prefer my own security cams like everyone else who has a Samsung Tv that has the ST app installed