Edge driver IP camera question

As a non developer I have no idea if this is or could be possible in the future

Would it be possible to create an Edge driver that allows the addition of a lan based IP camera ?

I am not a developer in the slightest so apologies if it is a stupid question

Adding a cameras capabilities is probably not possible such as movement detection, NPR, baggage removal, scene changes but to a degree movement can be circumvented by the addition of an external movement sensor

This COULD then be used in an automation to tell the camera (if included) to show in the app full screen

Wishful thinking perhaps

Actually in my case I use a power sense socket as a trigger, on movement detection attached light illuminates causing power to go above pre defined limit, this power draw is used as a trigger for other lights to come on but could be used to show camera full screen…

Hey Mike i have already asked this and according to my source edge drivers have not been designed with high throuput in mind. I really hope some one could prove me wrong though!

That’s annoying Andreas, IP cameras can be shown in the home remote app so why not ST I wonder ?

If Nest cameras can be included and some Samsung cameras, what is the difference?

Also what is considered as high throughput ?

One of my IP cams is PTZ, on patrol with a very busy scene it is hitting roughly 1500 k/s, surely the output is dependant on what the plugin can handle, I can’t see nest cams running less k/s

These are cloud based cameras and wont/don’t use edge drivers.

Edge drivers in theory would allow local camera addition via onvif for example

A fair point Andreas, never really thought about how they were integrated, so they are basically web view plugins formated to look like a device ! Would that be a correct analogy ?

Maybe @RBoy can answer this. He used to have working Foscam camera app and DTHs.


You can write any driver, the question is what capabilities of the devices do you want to use in SmartThings. If you want to use motion detection, sure, that feature is supported by the new app. If you want to display images (snapshots) or video, you’re out of luck. I don’t think ST is interested in developing a generic capability for that. Their roadmap for the new app/platform is different from the Classic/groovy and AFAIK they’re going a different route for cameras.

With so many people using cameras these days it is a real shame they are not going to help or allow for integration

For me it is a glaring omission and one that should be part of a Smart home app, in this case the ST app, its already possible in the home remote app

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Almost missed that point… so is there a possibility in the future ?

May i ask what this different route is ?



Thanks a lot for update and quick reply, Looking for similar issue and found lots of help here, Really appreciate.