[ST Edge] Bond Bridge LAN [BETA]

Thank you to the team that participated in Alpha testing while the driver was being developed. After a few weeks of stable use, the driver is now rolling to beta with the following feature set:

  1. Bond Bridge, Bond Bridge Pro, and Smart By Bond (SBB) Devices
  2. Ceiling fans including multiple speeds, lights, dual lights, dimmable lights
  3. Fireplaces with flame level control, integrated fan and lights
  4. Shades and awnings with position control
  5. Lights with both switched and brightness controls
  6. Bidets
  7. Generic IR and RF remotes compatible with Bond
  8. Configurable dashboard layout for devices with multiple components (e.g. Fan/Light Combos)
  9. Control of the ring brightness of the bridge itself for use in scenes

This will be an open beta, as the driver is not expected to need many updates. Any updates will happen automatically if they are released. Those updates will be announced in this thread, so please watch for notifications. If you experience connection issues after a driver update, you should restart your ST hub. Edge itself is in beta, and I have seen many instances of sockets not connecting after updating the driver. There are also many cases of the driver not initializing immediately after install. These are known issues with Edge at the moment.

Setup Instructions:

  1. Setup devices in the Bond app
  2. Install Edge Driver - Link
  3. Put your Bond SBB device or Bond Bridge into pairing mode
    a. Bridge - Power cycle the bridge and wait for the light ring to turn solid blue
    b. SBB - Hold down either the power or stop button for 10 seconds depending on the model
  4. Go to the ST app → Add devices → Scan for Nearby Devices
    a. This needs to be completed within 10 minutes of step 3 as Bond will disable pairing mode
  5. Devices will be placed into a placeholder room “No room assigned”

There are currently no known issues outside those known to Edge itself. Please leave feedback here in thread. Here are a couple of quick screenshots. Please share any screenshots you may have as the driver supports a wide range of devices. It would be great to see how the dashboard looks for all of the variations. Just make sure personal or identifying information is removed before sharing.




request - add a STOP button on the shades if possible. Currently there is only open/close with no way to stop shades at any point that was available in the Bond integration :slight_smile:

The button is supported, but only if the device reports that it allows position control. Does Bond also show you the position control for this device, or just the stop/pause button?

only stop/pause

I can look at adding this without position control, but it isn’t a setup I have access to. Seems like the device should support it. Position control allows the shades to jump directly to a level without waiting and then pausing manually.

This may be a beta issue but I added 2 fan/light combos and they work from the ST app.

I then added these to Sharptools. The fans work well but the lights don’t work at all. They error out but they do however reflect the status correctly when activated in ST.

Any thoughts?

The lights are implemented as sub components of the fan device rather than separate devices. The fan is the main component of the device. I am not familiar with Sharptools, but my first guess would be to check if they support device sub components.

Sharptools is a 3rd party dashboard app similar to Action Tiles.

I am assuming sub components are the same as multicomponent devices but just want to make sure. If yes, then yes, they work as I am currently some dual channel z-wave plugs and several 4 button remotes on Edge drivers with Sharptools.

No worries. I was able to workaround with virtual switches.
Thank you for you work on this!

IIRC, sub components don’t work correctly with Groovy smart apps. Maybe @joshua_lyon can speak to it.


I have a couple more questions.

Bond app has Low, Med, High fan speeds
Bond connect exposes Low, Med, High
Bond Edge driver exposes Low, Med, High, Max

  1. Is this the expected result?
  2. When creating automations does it matter if I choose High vs Max?

The 4 speed control is shown for all fans. If your fan only supports 3 speeds, then High and Max are the same. It doesn’t matter what you pick. The controller will move to High if you select Max. I would use High in automations.


Does anyone else have any feature requests / bugs? There will be a small revision and this is the only change that is currently slated.

With the 0.42.07 update I keep getting incorrect states showing in the app and have also had it show devices offline yesterday, but devices still work with physical controls (switches).

Which version are you referencing?

We will begin rolling out Samsung SmartThings Hub firmware version 0.42.07 starting Monday, April 11 .

This version, my hub has been on it since Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

I have been having the exact same issues with LAN edge drivers (not just Bond) for the past 24-48 hours and have the hub firmware 000.042.00007 as well. 3-4 hub reboots and my LAN devices corrected themselves.

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There is something going on for sure with ST. I have other non-bond drivers in development and seeing odd behavior in those as well. Keep seeing “network error” messages popping up. Planning to deep dive later today. The ST websocket code was updated in this last firmware release, so I’ll keep an eye on updates around that

@blueyetisoftware couple questions I wanted to ask with the driver humminng away without issues.

  1. Are you running Bond as a linked service with smartthings
    app? I am not.
  2. My Bond App is running as a locally conected to wifi and
    not the cloud, which I’m extremely happy with, is this
    because #1?
  3. Should I reserve the IP Address for the Bridge as my router
    doesn’t seem to want to change it in this configuration
    or would that cause an issue with the driver?

I ran them side by side during development to perform A/B testing between them, but don’t use the linked service any longer. It is just the Edge driver.

Yes. The bond app knows if it has the cloud integration turned on or off.

You don’t need to configure a static IP. The driver maintains a regular heartbeat back and forth with the bond bridge. Your router probably sees these messages as active use and isn’t prioritizing a reassignment of the IP. If the Bond bridge is ever assigned a new IP, the bridge will briefly show offline in the ST app while the driver gets the new IP address. In the worst case, that is probably around 30 seconds if you happen to catch it.