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So yesterday I checked Smart-Things and apparently it got support for a connection with a bond hub(I was really excited when I saw this). But when I connected my account nothing showed up.

Everyone else seems to have the same issue. One person mentioned Bond support told them right now it only works with fans that come with Bond built in?

here’s the thread where it talks about this. looks like we’re still a few weeks out unless someone can manage to use the API to build something themselves.

As I’ve said before, I hate the marketing from this company. They are the poster child for “overpromise and underdeliver.” :rage:

The product seems to be decent, but the product descriptions simply can’t be parsed to determine what the thing actually does in any given situation.

I would purchase a bond if they had SmartThings integration. As of now I am skeptical it will ever happen

Here is the quote from one of the Bond engineers in the Bond forum. I am unclear of what ‘Smart By Bond devices’ are.

Hi All,

This weekend was released our new integration with Smartthings (Samsung Connect).
Some users tried to use it over the weekend and couldn’t find their device listed.

For now, only Smart By Bond devices are supported (via the new Bond Home app). Bond Bridge (BD-1000) support will be released in the coming weeks.

When we have more information, we’ll post it here.


There’s some indications that it is fans with Bond technology built into them

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I bought a bond and set it up with the legacy bond app. It upgraded to firmware 2.5.2. I then paired it with a ceiling fan. It identified the ceiling fan remote immediately. I then reset the bond to factory settings and set it up with the new bond home app. It upgraded to firmware 2.6.21beta. It did not identify the same fan and I had to manually program the remote buttons. I set up 3 ceiling fans and a fireplace so far on it and it is working great. The new app has choices for ceiling fan, fireplace, shades, and generic device remotes. The new app also appears much more refined but Bond does warn that it is still in beta.
I did try to pair the bond bridge with my SmartThings hub and the SmartThings app reported ‘successfully connected to Bond Home’ ‘devices connected to this account can be controlled in SmartThings’.
I cannot find the devices in the SmartThings app though but perhaps the integration is getting a step closer…

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According to the BOND Engineers the Classic app is not supported. But below is what was said.

Samsung is not supporting the classic app by integrators like us. So, the strategy here is, a community member may create a (great) integration for the classic app and share it. This seems to work well for a number of other products.

So, the real announcement to look for from us is, Cloud API fully supporting Bridge-assisted devices.


I would buy a Bond bridge yesterday if it could give me control of my 6-speed DC Minka Aire fan/light but I’m using the classic app only right now.

It sounds like that’s not necessarily in the cards based on these posts?

I have 3 DC fans that I can now control via Bond. Caveat is there are only 3 speeds available via ST and you must use the new app

Are you using the Bond IR blaster or do the fans have Bond built in?

got our somfy shades to show up in Bond with the latest v2.7 release…

the shades do not show up in ST yet… only my 2 fans

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