Deleted linked device keeps coming back... how to disable?

I recently added a Bond bridge and linked my account to ST, and several of the Bond controlled devices appeared in ST as expected. I deleted a couple I do not want visible to ST, but they keep re-appearing later (which I did not expect).

Is there a way to stop ST from discovering a subset of the linked devices from my Bond bridge?

Unfortunately there is no option to select individual devices to be imported from the Bond integration.

Follow up: there is a beta Edge driver. You may want to check with the developer if you can do it with that.

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Sorry to say Edge drivers are totally new to me… is there a post covering basics (what are they, etc.)?


Sorry for the delay. I was on an electronics hiatus :slight_smile:

I just posted the most recent driver to the beta channel. You can find that thread here

@georgeh If you decide to join the beta, you will be able to remove devices that you don’t want to see, and they will remain gone. Just be aware that if you go back to discover again, they will be found a second time. However, they should not come back silently like the do for the cloud connected driver.