[ST_Edge] Local Bond Bridge Driver [DISCONTINUED, SEE NEW VERSION]

I am looking for volunteers interested in alpha testing an Edge driver for the Bond Bridge. I have fans and fan/light combos that I can test, but no exposure to fireplaces or blinds. Fans also come in many varieties so I don’t know if everything will be supported. Initially, I am looking to create the following:

  1. Support 3 and 4 speed fans
  2. Integrated light supporting on/off
  3. Local pairing and authorization
  4. RESTful integration, meaning changes outside of ST (Bond App) would need to be polled and slow to update. Changes within ST (automations, app control, scenes) should not suffer from added latency.

Known Issues

  1. Using a fan’s IR remote would cause any driver and the Bond app to become out of sync
  2. IR range/signal causes some commands to be lost. Testing would entail checking ST state against the Bond app state as the source of truth.

If interested, feel free to hit me up. CC @K_White


I’m happy to test.

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Give me the weekend to sort out a few minor issues and I will send out an invite to those that are interested. If you would like to test, please let me know what type of devices you have connected to the Bond Bridge.

Yeah, i’m in.

The alpha driver is now available. I will share it via email to limit the influx of feedback. Thanks for testing :+1:

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Looking forward to testing

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New version was pushed to the alpha channel. Updates include:

  • Support for Lights, Fireplaces and Generic RF/IR devices
  • Reactive state updates and triggers from outside ST (no more polling)
  • Recovery from lost connection or IP address change
  • Recovery from failed pairing by resetting the bond bridge
  • Control of the light ring on the bond bridge (e.g. dim it for movie mode)

This version will require that you remove and re-discover your devices, including the Bond Bridge. If you are interested in joining the alpha test group, please let me know and I will add you to the list.

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This driver has been cross listed on the Bond user forum today. Thanks to @troy_owens and especially @K_White for volunteering to test. Hoping we can get some Bond power users from that other forum.

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Would love to test this. My Bond bridge has been unreliable as of late with the C2C integration. I don’t have fireplaces or blinds but I do have custom remotes. I wish they would open the capabilities up further for this device - it could solve so many issues and even replace my Harmony.

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Would be happy to join and test.

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Would this driver allow for the ability to handle fans with upper and lower lights and dimming in ST? I’m still looking for a custom device handler that add things that I can do within the Bond app but not in ST but would be interested in testing this especially if it provides some local functionality as well.

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Yes. That is in the roadmap. The next version coming out will allow dimming if the fan allows setting it directly. It wont support the “hold to dim” type. Up/Down lights are supported in the current version with a few bug fixes on the way.

Testing with your setup would be greatly appreciated. I will send an invite.

Retiring this thread. The driver has moved to BETA and a new thread can be found here

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