Sonos not playing notifications

Sonos isn’t working, am I the only one?

Which version s1 or S2?

if S1:
Below is a list of known devices which will be affected by the migration away from Groovy DTHs to Lua Edge drivers**.** Some devices may lose partial functionality or full functionality within the SmartThings app. These devices may continue to work outside of the SmartThings app.

Older models of Sonos speakers
These devices may not continue to support the playing of audio notifications in the SmartThings app.

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Welcome to the club

Having same issue here, started about four or five days ago. SmartThings integration into Sonos just stopped working, and is supper buggy.

I’m on S2 all around.

I installed beta driver on smartthings channel.
Now working.

Hey I’m having the same issue how do I install the beta driver?

It show under your hub on
Drill down in beta drivers and it is in there…

Hi…I tried the beta drivers and and still no luck. I can get the speaker to play, paise etc. via automation but not talk. Bummer

Correction…now it works. I deleted all the sonos speakers, added the beta drivers, then added the speakers back and I just got the speaker to say a message.

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I deleted and readied too, wasn’t sure that was required. Glad you got it working.

Deleted all my speakers after adding the beta driver and re discovered my s2 speakers and then added them back to all of the automations and they still aren’t playing notifications. When I test an automation, the push notifications I set will send to my phone but no audio notification.

Any other ideas?

It was working for me earlier. But now it stopped. Also when I am playing music via the Sonos app, SmartThings is not in sync. Hope there is a fix soon.

Ok new discovery while debugging. When I’m streaming via Apple AirPlay it works (it also plays all the messages that never played in order as if it was saving them and catching up). But when I play music via the Sonos app it doesn’t work. All I’m doing is setting a message to play at a certain time…I also have the app send me a notification. I always get the notification but the message does play thru the speakers…only if I’m streaming via AirPlay.

Help please!!!

Is Sonos audio notifications working for anyone yet? Now half my speakers are showing offline in the ST app and still another week has gone by without any audio notifications working…since I have already installed the beta driver and gone through the process to remove and rediscover all of my speakers I’m not excited to keep trying things if there aren’t any reports of success…

It works for me, did you switch to the beta driver channel/

I have Sonos S2. I had a functioning audio alert when the patio door was open, and I believe it continued to work after transition, but neither it nor my newer alert (when front door is open) are working. Is there a solution?

can you post a screenshot of the Routine being used?

I should add that ST does send an email alert. What I am looking for is audio.

An update from me (jeez, I hope everyone has not abandoned this conversation!): turns out I have Sonos 1 (gen 2), not Sonos 2 (if that exists; I don’t know). Have been playing around with this and I finally got Sonos to play music when a door opens (ie, when it shouldn’t). Not as great as it used to be, when it would announce that the patio door was open, but at least it’s an alert of some kind.

Now if I could just get it to say a message, that would be perfect. Anyone have any luck with that one?