Sonos not playing notifications

Broken, not play messages. All my Sonos are Sonos OS S2. Running edge driver off beta channel, 2023-9-19T18:20:55.625143433

are the sonos speakers on the same subnet as your ST hub?

Sure are. Gateway; Super-net:

my Sonos announcements stopped 2 days ago. Till now i didn’t even bother to install drivers. I’ve got a Symfonisk Bookshelf (Ikea) . The only reason i bought it was for the ST announcements.
As i can see in the app i have Smartthings Driver for Sonos devices. version 2023-11-14T19:09:44.277467993 .
Any update about this issue ?

And after 2 days (4 in total of inactivity) starts the announcements again …