Sonos Status Connectivity Broken

SmartThings is no longer polling updates to Play/Pause status for my connected Sonos devices as of 4/18. This could be due to Sonos beta firmware but Sonos doesn’t think so (I’ll update this thread if I learn otherwise).

Can anyone help me find the Sonos device handler code? When I pull in the Sonos template it shows that it has been depreciated and moved to Super LAN Connect. I’d like to poke arround to see if I can find the issue.

Anyone else seeing this issue, or can confirm successful/unsuccessful communication?

I’ve just noticed this morning that none of my Sonos have updated their status for the past 7 days. I am still able to start/stop music through webcore but the status never changes on it’s ide page.
Did you ever find out what the issue was with this? Is anyone else having this issue?



@gettimhere, I reached out to both SmartThings and Sonos support while attempting to resolve this issue. My recollection is that Sonos support rolled me back to the pre-beta firmware to check if this resolved the issue and it did not. Unfortunately Sonos has updated their beta community site since this issue and I can’t retrieve any of the communication with support or I would provide a summary here.

SmartThings support eventually reset the Sonos communication protocal for my hub and I believe this is what resolved the issue. I have not experienced any issues since resolution, appx 1yr ago.

Based on this, I recommend contacting Smartthings support if this persists. Before you do, have you already attempted to power cycle your entire network and Smartthings hub, including removal of backup batteries? This is likely ST support’s first recommendation if you’ve not tried already.

@dlehrbaum. Thanks for the reply. I’ve not checked it for the last few days so have just had a look now after reading your message and all seems to be working again. I did power cycle everything on the network so this could indeed have been the fix although I did not ever remove the batteries from the hub. Either way it’s working again for now. Thanks again for the time/advice.

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