Sonos Connect Integration Issues

Hi guys,

I received an email about the new Sonos Integration and asked me to delete the devices that were working perfectly fine off of my ST and then add back via the new app. I stupidly deleted the devices and since then ST cannot find my 2 Sonos Connects on either the old app nor the new app.

I’ve already rebooted ST, rebooted my router, rebooted Sonos Connects and no luck. Both Sonos Connects are on the same wifi as my ST. I’ve uninstalled both old and new ST apps and reinstalled and still no luck. I’d be happy just to get it back the way it used to be.

Please assist!


Sounds very frustrating! :weary:

There have already been four threads at least about this topic posted in the last 48 hours. Did you have a chance to read any of those?

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If nothing there helps, you’ll probably need to contact support. At least it’s an officially supported integration now.

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Thanks for the response. I have seen these posts but Sonos is not being picked up by either of the ST apps or the website. I called and spoke to 2 ST reps and they don’t know either. They said they would escalate the ticket. It sounds like no one else is having this issue?

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I am having the same issue. I removed my two Sonos One and my two Play:1 then tried to find them with the new app and it times out with an error. I’ve been emailing with support and the steps given to me is to reboot speakers while app is searching. I will need to do that when I return home tonight and can say if it works.

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I’m have same issue. New integration doesn’t discover any of my speakers. So frustrating.

Same here… I lost connection to 2 of my 6 speakers after the last Smartthings firmware update and have been unable to add them back… The other 4 remain connected and working.

Figured out my problem, I had a surround paired to my playbar, when I broke the pair SmartThings recognized them right away, just had to re-pair after. Apparently if you have speakers paired SmartThings can’t see them, which makes sense now because the classic app always shows the paired pair as inactive when their playing.