Sonos Issues with ST

My smartthings install has been real stable and has been running for the past year. I had Sonos configured however had nothing really using it from SmartThings. Today, I added my first door / window sensor and wanted to add an audio notification to the speakers. I configured everything and nothing – no audio. After much fooling around, I decided to remove all Sonos devices from ST and attempted to add them back. Using the discovery from the ST labs / Sonos resulted in no found devices.

I was curious if anyone else is experiencing similar issues and if not I would be curious on what is suggested. Most standard troubleshooting items have been completed. Below is a quick summary of the devices in the house; roughly 42 active IPs addresses are being used.

• Wired network – Ubiquiti Managed Switch 1GB
• UnTangled Firewall
• Ubiquiti - Wired Access Points – 2
• Foscam – POE IP cameras - 4
• Nest Thermostat - 1
• Net Protects - 6
• SmartThings V2 Hub
• Zwave Schlage Century Locks – 2
• Zwave Switches - 20
• Sonos Playbar - 1
• Sonos Play Ones – 3
• Qnap NAS

Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas!

Have you been able to add your sonos speakers back into ST?
What App did you try to use for notifications?
There are 2 or 3 that I have found are fairly dependable. Sonos notifiy, the security with audio notification and Big Talker.

I’m having a similar issue. At one point my Sonos speakers were connected. I then removed them and now I am trying to add them back. Sonos (Connect) will not find them. I’ve let it spin 30+ minutes. Here is all that comes back in the logs when I eventually hit “Done”

dd4805c9-4385-462d-af77-281dfeb6be8a 1:46:21 PM: trace /refreshAll()
dd4805c9-4385-462d-af77-281dfeb6be8a 1:46:21 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0
dd4805c9-4385-462d-af77-281dfeb6be8a 1:46:21 PM: trace refreshAll()
dd4805c9-4385-462d-af77-281dfeb6be8a 1:46:21 PM: trace Doing Sonos Device Sync!
dd4805c9-4385-462d-af77-281dfeb6be8a 1:46:21 PM: trace scheduledActionsHandler()
dd4805c9-4385-462d-af77-281dfeb6be8a 1:46:21 PM: debug schedule(‘45 26 0/3 * * ?’, scheduledActionsHandler)
dd4805c9-4385-462d-af77-281dfeb6be8a 1:46:21 PM: trace Updated with settings: [:]

Hey guys! I have never had any luck with the SONOS stuff so have given up.

It seems like when I have the app installed (I didn’t really use it either) over time my ST network starts to flake out - odd behaviors, things not triggering or turning on but not turning off (smart lighting app) and generally being unstable. It’s hard to tell though due to the ST issues that have been cropping up lately (“shard” issue, zigbee issue etc).

For what it’s worth - When I install the app all my speakers do show up. Do you have the SONOS BOOST or do you have your speakers connected directly to your wifi/hard-wired?

SONOS just had an update and there seems to be some issues but again hard to tell - I have the eero system and on that site people have reported having trouble with mixing wired/wireless. Things are working fine for me though - I have the BOOST and it’s wired to my LAN with the rest of the speakers using the SONOSNET.

For what it worths I had Sonos working with ST since day 1 and it’s been really reliable.
Get notifications when any door opens and when there is motion on the Patio.
Also getting my weather in the morning when I get downstairs.

I haven’t done anything special, just configured the Sonos with the Sonos App, connected it directly to the Wifi.
And on the Smartthing side, I used their Sonos Lab Thing (in the SmartThing Labs Market place)
And then on the Door sensor (or Motion sensors), have a Smart App called “Play message when Something Happens” and that’s about it.

My Sonos is on Wifi only and I have a good coverage.

Anyone have a resolution? I have been using Sonos with SmartThings for a few years now, and it worked perfectly, but had to move Sonos to a new Wi-Fi network and now I can’t reconnect to smart things. Really frustrated :frowning:

Ok I figured out my issue. I have a ATT router (which ST was connected to), and then have a Google mesh (which I use for wifi) router plugged in. To find Sonos I had to connect the ST hub to Google router by a cord. And realized after that I have to have the ST hub continually hard wired into the Google hub to get automations to work if I am going to use the Google wifi network.

Works perfectly now :slight_smile: