Issues with Sonos

I have three Sonos speakers in my house. In order to connect/“discover” them within the Sonos Connect smart app I have to physically bring them into the room with the ST Hub.

When they’re back in position (one in the room next door, two upstairs) I find them rather unresponsive. Is the Sonos Connect app just buggy with known delays or is there something I need to do to “strengthen” the signal between ST and Sonos?

Just out of interest, are your sonos connected via a bridge? I find the sonos integration pretty poor anyway and only works sporadically

No, they’re just connected via the wifi network. They work perfectly without a bridge by themselves but just not with ST.

Seems weird that Samsung would shout about ST working with Sonos and release an official app that doesn’t actually work properly…

the issues are well documented, however even if it did work, it would never work with three as that would prevent your Z-Wave network working correctly. I have had major issues with sonos integration so much so that now i have removed them all from SmartThings and have rolled my own TTS solution using VoxCommando and a northern england Cereproc voice.

I originally had them connected via a bridge, and even tried using direct WiFi connection, with the same results. since removing them a lot of my other non Sonos issues all went away also.


Can you explain why it would never work with three? I’d like to understand the technology a little better. When I had all three connected to ST it would sporadically recognise what the speaker was doing but never conflicted with any non Sonos things.

I’m just amazed Sonos is an official release for ST but it just doesn’t work!

Get ready for this disappointment and more in other areas…

SmartThings development team, IMHO, has fallen short in the integration of the SONOS system. Especially when one has more than one SONOS and wants to play TTS messages to device events.

SmartThings claims that they are “waiting” for an official API from SONOS which may be out in a year or two, but many of us who have custom SONOS integration outside of SmartThings (like SoCo for Python) really see that ST development just does not care enough to correct their pitiful existing basic crude API’s to handle the robust uPNP commands that SONOS can easily understand.

SmartThings API’s fall short by completely corrupting the existing state of your SONOS system, often times not even playing the TTS message, but deleting the existing SONOS playlist queue, the play state, volume levels, muting, party mode grouping, etc…

I only recommend ST users integrate their SONOS system to ST if they want very basic “Play/Stop/Pause” controls. Anything more will leave one very disappointed as you have experienced.