SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

Have you tried lately, there was a reported issue with V2 Hubs not updating firmware @ power up. This issue was just fixed about an hour ago. I was having the same issues, but now good since the firmware upgraded.

So do I need to.power cycle the hub… how do I know if it is updated what about issue 1 that most likely has nothing to do with fw
… lock battery status shows in phone AP

check your hub in the IDE you should see the following if your firmware updated. The issue was causing all kinds of problems, not sure about your #1 but for sure #2. I would power cycle your Hub.

appengineConnected: true
appengineEnabled: true
appengineVersion: 1.0.17

same version… stuff working now as you said… why is it so hard to reboot hub… does anyone have a smart app to reboot hub so you don’t have to dig down into the developer utilities in website to do it?.. Also why cannot I find any notify me if too hot rules? only too cold? thanks

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Well I had it installed before I upgraded to 2.0 and some reason my token for the app was made invalid. I don’t see it in either location of he smart things app.

PM me and perhaps we can find a time to walk thru over the phone or Skype sometime.

I’m curious about this.

You can also check your installed SmartApps under My Locations in the API/IDE, but we can try that together too…

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OK. Thank you, very much. :slight_smile:
Here I go.

Unfortunately, it appears I can’t uninstall the old version. I go into the app, go to the Marketplace, go to SmartApps, go into My Apps, open ActiON4.6.2 and choose Uninstall. It pops up the ‘Are you sure’ confirmation message, and I click Uninstall on that, and it just goes back to the list of My Apps, and ActiOn is still there. I restarted the app, and same thing.

I assume it is somehow related to this…

However, after starting the support case with ST about those issues, I got one e-mail from them, but nothing for a week and a half.

Now, I know they’re all really busy right now. So, I’m not freaking out about not hearing from them, but it is getting frustrating. So, I appreciate whatever assistance I can get with any of this from the Community.

now that it is closed source… how to I make a 2nd version with different icons and my own custom css. can see custom css through the interface, but how to create a 2nd copy when I cannot get source thanks.

Also garage door openers don’t work correctly they appear under contact sensors but should should also appear under switchs or momentary contact etc. so that you can control them. I have one other garage door with a relay and a separate door contact and this works ok… It is only the integrated ie linear etc ones that have an issue. Also smoke and co2 etc alarms are not appearing.


The SmartTiles back-end architecture is going through an overhaul to improve security and greatly reduce the load on the SmartThings Cloud so it can scale many more users.

Stay tuned to and here for details as they become available!

@625alex is still appreciating donations to help ensure Version 6 comes to fruition with the quality everyone expects. (Beta invites will go to donors first and have a bit of extra influence on new features.) No timeline yet; don’t want to open the floodgates of “are we there yet” posts?

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Any word about integrating Smart Home Monitor security status into SmartTiles?

Anyone else add devices to SmartTiles and then keep having them revert to the top of the dashboard instead of the order you placed them? Each day they get reset to the old order. I am suspecting its the platform somewhere reverting back, but not sure. This has been a terrific solution and trouble free forever…so glad I had the opportunity to donate to such a good product. Support your developers!!

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I was seeing that also and reported it to Alex. He said that it was a synchronization problem in the ST cloud but that if you leave it alone it should sort itself out in a couple of days.

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I will most certainly consider it when there is any API to interface with Smart Home Monitor.

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@ehoffman73 and @Linda

More and more users are reporting tile order issues. This seems to be the newer ST cloud glitch. Tile order may or may not change and when it goes back to normal, there is no guarantees that it will stay this way. There is no fix or workaround at this moment, but this will not be an issue in version 6.


I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to do this. The “View on Github” link doesn’t appear on the install page for me. I did a view source though and found the link. When I follow that though I don’t see a “SmartTiles.groovy” link to click and get the raw source. Any suggestions?

I’m sure I’m being dense but man I’ve been trying everything I can think of to get the code so I can put up a structure of multiple dashboards. Any help would be wildly appreciated! Thanks!

If you go to that link then click the link under I don’t want to see code you should be able to install it. The page hasn’t really been updated since the code went private. There used to be another link to cut and paste the code yourself via Github. @625alex has said that he would be updating the page but I’m sure all here would agree that there are other more important priorities.

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The code is no longer shareable in order to minimize the negative impact of the underlying design to SmartThings’s Platform load and minimize the support effort needed to address a small but hard to explain security concern and other “open source” drift.

Version 6 is a complete overhaul of the back-end design while retaining the most popular features and setting up for potential scalability and enhancements. There is no time frame for release. Don’t ask… It will be announced by invitation to donors first, however. :wink:

@625alex super appreciates everyone’s continuing interest and encouragement and wishlist. Frankly, the Version 6 launch will be deferred and slowly phased as long as necessary to minimize the types of complaints being expressed about SmartThings’s recent “V2” these days; new features will be rolled out cautiously. Stability will take priority.

For history reference …


Sounds like this might be a plan.

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Please do. It is really important to have transparency for security.