SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

I definitely lean towards transparency. In this case we are not discussing the details. Published answers are in the FAQ, etc. on

Version 6 will have an entirely different security architecture.


Sorry for the newbie question…I’ve been looking through posts all afternoon…
So I did a “Install it Now”, and SmartTiles appears to be working fine in it’s default state, as I can see my Things in it. I’m confused as to how/where to modify this for customization with, I believe, the .css snippets.
When I look under My SmartApps, it says: “You don’t have any apps yet. Add one now.” That’s where I assumed I would find and edit the code.
When I look under one of MyDevices, I see: “In Use By • SmartTiles (SmartTiles 5.4.2-A)”, so I presume that validates it is installed correctly.


What do you see in the mobile App when you drill into the SmartApps tile of the Device? (What version of the mobile App are you using?)…

If the Device is connected to a SmartApp, you should be able to drill into the SmartTiles SmartApp from any such device and find the CSS preference.

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I’m using the Windows Phone mobile app (v In the mobile App, under SmartThings Labs, I do see SmartTiles 5.4.2-a. Ahhh! under that tile, there is a PREFERENCES section, where it appears I can add custom .css. THANKS!
I’m curious: should I not also be able to do this from the web client? (It’s easier to cut/paste/edit on a PC vs the phone.)

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Unfortunately, SmartThings has no web tools to configure SmartApps (or add Devices, etc.). The mobile app must be used.

We wish SmartThings would share the API, because then “SmartTiles Pro” could be written for installing, configuring all your SmartThings and SmartApps!

When are you expecting to release ver 6.

I wish you didn’t mention this. Now I will be manically checking my inbox for the invite. :sweat_smile:

Hey - Thanks again!
I thought I saw a link somewhere to a sample .css code showing examples of what could be customized in it. Can’t seem to find it. Was hoping it would be on the FAQ, but didn’t see it there either. Do you know where it can be found?

Glad I revisited this thread because there’s been a question I have been meaning to ask @625alex . Can I set up a tile that will be informational only. I want to see the status of my garage but don’t want to open or close it using the tile (accidental button presses can’t be avoided especially with a 2 year old running around).

Hopefully this won’t be a problem when multiple dashboards return…but till then…

I have my garage door sensor set up in SmartTiles as a contact sensor. This shows open/closed status but the icon does not perform any actions.


Worked like a charm. Thank you.

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This going to be the boilerplate cut/paste response for all inquiries on timeline, for better or worse. Appreciate your support, interest and enthusiasm, but please don’t turn this into a thread like the “are we there yet, yet, yet, yet…” that existed for SmartThings Hub V2. By not announcing a date, it will be impossible for Version 6 to be “late”. Thanks!

(We’re keeping an eye open here for bugs and serious concerns, but… Shhhh… @625alex is working hard!)


@ Michael Stroh, What kind of sensor do you use on your garage door? I can’t seem to find one that works.

I have the Linear GD00Z-4 and it works fantastic.
Amazon link:

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Do you just need an open/close sensor??

I use Ecolink Tilt sensor (under $30, Amazon). Works perfectly.


Can’t wait for Verions 6. I donated. Love Smarttiles. Hope to get to test V6.

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Now that it seems like things have been fixed (i.e. this thread), I tried again and was able to uninstall the old ActiON, and then went and installed SmartTiles via the website.

one more noob question…
Now that I have made the switch, my old SmartApps ‘Dashboards’ that I made with ActiON are still working. Is that because they are completely independent once created, or are they now somehow automatically connected to SmartTiles which I just installed?

Then, recommendations on using dashboards made with the old ActiON after upgrading to SmartTiles?
Should I go recreate them all with SmartTiles, or just keep using the old ones?

The facilitated installed version of SmartTiles (from website), is not related to any copy(s) of ActiON dashboard that you may have made in your own SmartThings Account via the IDE.

These personal copies are not and cannot be automatically updated to the best of my knowledge.

The drawback to the facilitated install of SmartTiles Version 5.x, is that it only supports one Dashboard per SmartThings Account. If you need multiple dashboards, you can generate them from your personal copy of the old source code, if you are lucky enough to have a copy. :wink:

Official Multiple Dashboard support is the Number 1 “new” feature of Version 6. (No release date, please don’t ask; we’ll let you know only when it is ready.).

Sorry to have missed that point about SmartTiles.

So, is it possible to install it some other way and end up with the ability to make multiple dashboards now, or will that only be available in 6 altogether?

If not available in any way for now, am I still able to put the old ActiON back in so I can continue to use that functionality until 6 comes out? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is no way offered / supported today.

While there are many, many technical / architecture improvements in the works for Version 6, multiple dashboard support is a “killer feature” that is the focus of the product launch and is likely the most visible improvement, even though the concept has been demonstrated with the use of manual installs of the previously shared open source code.

I apologize that there’s not an interim workaround. It will be up to the Community to decide if the wait was worthwhile once the new product and platform is released.