SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

This problem is happening across the board with OAuth authentication.

Support are apparently aware of the problem and are working on a fix.


I’m trying to migrate to the ST Hub V2 and I cant figure out how to uninstall the Action Dashboard app. I’m in a catch 22. Cant uninstall the devices because the app cant be uninstalled, and cant uninstall the devices because they are still referenced. Has anyone else succeeded in migrating to the V2 Hub with the dashboard app???

Do you see “Uninstall” button when you go to SmartApp configuration? It’s all the way towards to bottom of the screen.

Yes. But it does nothing. The app stays there. Trying to delete it from the graph.api… page says that it cant be deleted because its installed.

I have two locations so I’m wondering if that makes a difference. I used the app in both locations so maybe it cant be deleted from one because its still active on the other. That probably makes it impossible to remove.

Hi @maurice_marks,

  1. Try going directly to each location where your devices is check and uncheck them.
  2. Save the update to that app or Rule.
  3. Go back and uninstall that app or Rule.
  4. Remove the device.

Different locations are not tied up to each other in any way.

I’m surprised you still have that old version of the app. I can imagine at least several scenarios that would prevent you from uninstalling. PM me so that we could walk though them.

Could you elaborate on that?

Got it. There were two instances and this time I was able to remove both. I was on the wrong page.
Yes, I had an old version of the app, I’ll update it when I get the new hub up.

Thanks for your quick response. Love your work.


Hey @625alex,

Certainly. When I have received my hub V2 with its beautiful starter card in the box. I did the following first.

For most of us who have been using ST V1 from the beginning, we have our devices connected to complex rules and routines.

  1. Go to the individual installed smart apps and uncheck the associated device(s).
  2. Save the changes.
  3. Go to location in each of the smart apps and press the “Uninstall” button.
  4. Go to each of the “Hello Home” actions and uncheck all the devices which were assigned.
  5. Save changes.
  6. Go into each device -> Edit Device -> Remove Device.
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just out of curiousity…why do you have multiple smart lighting instances…you only need one???

Is there a way (and/or is it necessary) to upgrade from the old ActiON Dashboard version to this new one? Mine is currently sitting at 4.6.2.

Also, do I need to do anything to my old dashboards, or will they all still work with this new app after I get it installed?

I did that when I first set it up. Was t paying attention

The Dashboards should not be affected by the App version, and so far, the Hub version doesn’t matter either.

UK users currently not supported.

There are many SmartThings platform changes over time that may cause problems on older SmartTiles versions.

For change log, see:

Yes v2 app doesn’t have smatlabs anymore. So how do I,get this installed again?

If / When it is installed, it will appear on the SmartApps Tab of the Home Page (the page with Rooms as first Tab, Family as last). I wish all the pages and objects were consistently labeled… Are they? Whatever.

Install it from: if necessary (or from the Marketplace magic * / “My Apps” only if you have an old personal copy in your Account)

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To add to that, mine didn’t show up right away. Some combination of rebooting the hub, logging out and then in to the app, deauthorising smarttiles and then reinstalling it, plus whatever magic support may have done got it to show up in the SmartApps tab

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My dashboard is acting funny. When I tap a tile it sends me back to the log in screen and keeps doing it over and over anyone else?

Actually it’s only doing it when I try to use the routines tile

OK, thanks.
So, where are the instructions for upgrading from ActiON to SmartTiles…or do I just need to go remove the old version, and install this one?

Unfortunately there is no “upgrade” process… Just uninstall the old version using the mobile SmartThings App.

anybody else having issue on hub 2.0
here are my

  1. battery levels for kwikset 910 locks show null%
  2. all devices I’ve tried lights and door locks and switchs … only work once.
    then any subsequent attempts does not control the device… refresh does not help. The devices show correct state on refresh (ie not changed) and they still work fine through normal mobile app…