Samsung Migration

So finally got the notification to migrate from smartthings to samsung account and when I did it created this “blank, do not use” location that I can’t seem to delete and nether can support. Has anybody else had this issue or know a way around it? Also why when I try to sign into my ide does it need me to login under 3 login pages? It first acts for my email, then it takes me to the samsung version of smarthings login page then it takes me to the samsung login page before taking me to my IDE page. Is this a known glitch or something?

My login is the same as yours, and now it won’t even auto complete the email address. I have to type it each time.

If this is related to the Account Migration Beta don’t do anything to make the situation worse.

Post in this thread instead.

I will include @slagle as well.

Sounds like additional things are being done around the “2nd Home Location” being added. The black “do not use”, sounds like something New.

I own the Samsung Connect SmartThings hub/WiFi (3 pack) and it’s great but that Samsung Connect app is HORRIBLE. Crashes constantly and often doesn’t find new devices until multiple relaunches of the Samsung Connect app. Who’s idea was it to consolidate and use SC over ST ? I’d recommend getting that SC app stable first. IMHO

Short term “fix” (read Bandaid) for testers. We have better fixes coming down that line for this.

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