Smartthings account? Samsung account? I have both so which do I use?

I’ve had my Smarthings gear for about a week now, trying to learn my way around the system. I apparently signed in with an old, little used Samsung account I had set up when I got my Galaxy phone a few years ago. Then, when I purchased the Smartthings hub, I set up a Smartthings account. Then I am asked to sign in to either ST or Samsung.

My ST shows up in both, though the Samsung listing is not current compared to the ST account.

I think I want/should eliminate the Smartthings hub and location from the Samsung account and work off a single Smartthings account. I’m reluctant to push any buttons though because I don’t know what will happen! LOL

What is the best practices for user management?

Thank you!

Before you push any buttons, I would recommend you talk to smartthings support.

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Samsung is going to consolidate all the accounts under a single one in the coming months.

Yeah, nobody here is really certain what’s going on with accounts. My understanding was that any hub setup after May 2017 was supposed to use a Samsung account. But it sounds like that may not be the case for you. Definitely email support and have them take a peak before you accidentally blow away your setup.

In the event someone else runs into this bit of confusion, I had a helpful chat with tech and they suggested simply changing the username on the little used Samsung account, so as not to (have me) confuse which is which.

Hasn’t impacted a thing as far as the Smartthings account goes. Now I can move on to new endeavors with which to confuse myself…like Webcore :slight_smile:

Thanks, all.

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Shouldn’t that be May 2017?

Yup! Fixed. Thanks!