SmartThings Outage (EU Only) - Mar 23-27 2018

I started the new topic to keep in line with the naming convention for all the outages this year and there were only two posts in that one and another topic was replied to, so instead of modifying that one, I created a new topic here for those folks.

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Yup, I certainly am :frowning:

Glad I’ve ordered a Hubitat Elevation, it can’t get here soon enough


UK Hub in Switzerland with the USA SMartthings iPhone app

My app isn’t loading and google Home is reporting an error when I try to control the lights. I unplugged my hub and plugged it back in. Reloaded the app too. The system adjusted my lights and heat at sunset about an hour ago… but now I can’t turn them off

Update: I’m going to the pub.

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They just sent an update:

It pains me to say it, but i dont think i have ever had such an unreliable system/service. Its getting a bit chronic.

Its getting very bad - def at the point to consider a new platform


This is very poor, I bought ST less than a week ago and have been very disappointed with the operation of it so far, I really hope Samsung sort this out ASAP I will have to look elsewhere.

If it is let’s how it’s worth it :pray:

Some screens load. Some screens don’t.
Progress, but still bollocks.

Got back from work all excited because I had received my Trådfri bulbs and the app is not working. Logging me out after just a few seconds, sometimes not allowing me to log in; very poor experience and by the look of it, it’s been going on for hours now!

They show it all as resolved now. Hopefully all of you on the other side of the pond are operational again:

mine has been fine since that time. I know alot of people moan about the reliability, I hardly ever have issues, this is the first issue in a year!

Well I can tell you as a user in the UK, that it is still very slow at loading this morning. So claims of this issue being totally fixed are exaggerated.

It is taking several attempts to load favourites, perform scenes, edit and test and save scenes and so on.

At least I can log in today in the app (classic).

It is getting to the point that I am unsure if I can continue with this.

Frustrating that we never hear exactly what is causing these long outages and slow downs. Is it capacity, or unforeseen problems when trying to bring in new features and the new app migration?

Or is it some malicious attack on the system? (I don’t expect that would or should be disclosed though).

But as users we might expect a little more explanation to give us a little hope and confidence in the future of the system.

No the problem is not solved. I still cannot login at Android app. It keps loggin me off and when itry to login it claims „incorrect email or password”even though it is correct.

On ipad it albo keeps showing „unexpected error” or login me off, and cannot login in again.

Not logging me out this morning, but ridiculously slow (UK)!

It started working properly for a while this morning but right now it is back to not being able to log in on the iPad app.