Unplanned outage today on the UK/EU side (27th of July, 2020)

I am trying to control my devices from both app, from Google Home and trying to check things on the IDE, but nothings seems to be working or it is dropping out after it has loaded.

What is going on?

@Brad_ST, @jody.albritton - Is it an unplanned outage or someone has pressed the reset button somewhere by mistake (a few times)?


graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com is returning a 503 internal error, so I would say the server has been “enhanced”.

I’ve managed to log in a few minutes ago, but then everything went sideway again…

Ongoing incident. Platform teams are actively investigating.


Same here, also in U.K. Happy now that I have a Hubitat in order…


Thought this was just me, i just restarted my hub twice, cannot access the https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/ link.

Based in the UK using a V3 hub

Nearly all of my devices are offline and everything keeps moving in the new app. :confused:

UK v2 hub

Thanks @Brad_ST for the feedback. Same situation here. Hub not really responsive and IDE not working. Hopefully you guys can fix this soon.

Having a dumb house now…

Someone in control of the Status page should pull the trigger and post the incident there.


I wonder whether this will ever be reflected on the status page (https://status.smartthings.com/) the first I ever hear about is finding the lights aren’t working and then see the Facebook posts about ST being down :confounded:

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Would be good if the status page was updated.

Meanwhile… I’m currently sat in the dark, as I can’t turn the lamps on…

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Thanks for the update @Brad_ST might be worth updating the status tracker just so everyone knows it is being worked on


Makes you aware how totally dependent on the Samsung cloud you are. Necessities: water, electricity, gas, Samsung…

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Please update the status page, would have saved me 10 minutes of hunting to figure out what’s wrong!


same here in Ireland

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Same in Spain

… And Denmark. Very annoying! :triumph:

Same in The Netherlands. Odd though, I thought things like switching lights on or off was operating locally but during this outage, nothing is working. Not even the simplest of buttons, switches or lights.


Same here in Portugal… :frowning: