UK Connectivity Issue (March 2018)

Is anyone else in the UK or EU experiencing a total loss of connectivity from the app to Smartthings servers?

If this is a sign of the service to come as they transition to Samsung account (and servers?) we are all screwed.

It must be just you and I having total loss of connectivity. According to Samsung, others are only having “the occasional errors in the SmartThings apps”

Multiple threads exist on this ongoing issue

Mines been ok so far this morning.
I have had issues in the last few days but seems to be ok now

Mines OK too.
Took a few seconds longer to connect, but all ok.
Using “old” app.

It’s been veeery slow all morning, but now the app logged me out, as it happened a couple of days ago, and is not allowing me back in “Invalid username or password.”

The status page still shows that they are working in the issues.

You would all be doing yourself a favor if you walk away from the hub to keep from getting frustrated even further than you already are.

For those of you that are 100% dependent on device control through SmartThings. Meaning that if ST goes out, do you have another way to control your devices? If the answer is No, take the time while ST is down to potentially rethink your setup and a backup plan or as @JDRoberts calls it, a Plan B.

If ST is too unreliable for you, there are alternatives that you can research. But even going with another product, if your devices are 100% reliant on that one technology, you are going to run into the same pain points in the future most likely.

Things to consider:

Smart Bulbs - If you have all your bulbs directly integrated with ST and they don’t have a separate bridge / app to control them independently, then you are at the mercy of ST.

Heating/Cooling: Thermostats and smoke detectors that are directly integrated and don’t have a separate app where you can control / access / view remotely, again you are at the mercy of ST.

The automation portion is a luxury to have and adds convenience, but if you lose the ability to control things like lighting, Heating and cooling, locks, etc… then you are in for a world of hurt.

If anything this year has taught us is that the ST platform has been very unstable since the first of the year and people have lost any/all control of their devices. This should be a lesson that when it comes to vital functions and control of your system, those people affected multiple times, should look at either redesigning their setup,the devices they are using or what is and what is not integrated with ST so that in a critical situation, you still have the ability to control your home and not be stuck in a predicament relying on one platform by itself. :slight_smile:

We have experienced even more downtime here in the US this year and as frustrating as it is, I have made sure that I have several other methods in controlling, operating and viewing my devices independently of ST.

Connectivity in the U.K. has been appalling for a week. 50% connectivity success rate.

I haven’t had any issues with this outage until this morning… Getting constant ‘you have been signed out of your account’ messages that pop over any other app on my android device! Incredible that it’s now even managing to interrupt my phones normal activity…

In order to stop receiving those messages from the new app, you simply need to go Force stop the app or uninstall.

Thanks for this. The trouble is, I have had the app installed before the rebrand to use my washer. I haven’t dared even open it since the smartthings rebrand, and deleting it will result in losing washer control/notifications!

Gotcha. Well for now just Force stop the app and leave it installed. That way you don’t lose the washer. It may pop back up when you reboot your phone. Turn off auto update for the app as well. That way you can avoid the new app until they are actually ready and it’s complete.

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Thanks for the advice! Dare I say it there hasn’t been a pop up in the last few hours so will do that if it does it again…