Outage Jan 21, 2021

And another …

SmartThings Platform Degraded Performance

New incident: Investigating

Something is not quite right. We’re looking into it and will provide additional details as they become available.

Time posted

Jan 21, 13:16 EST

Components affected

Partial Outage\ 15x15 Americas - Hubs, Devices, and Automat…

Partial Outage\ 15x15 Americas - Mobile App

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SmartThings Platform Degraded Performance

Resolved - We identified and resolved the root cause of the problem which may have prevented the SmartThings App from loading, caused issues with device control, and automation executions.
Jan 21, 14:05 EST

Investigating - Something is not quite right. We’re looking into it and will provide additional details as they become available.
Jan 21, 13:16 EST

imagine that…and 7 days after the 14th total outage things are STILL not back to normal as I have 2 automations which refuse to work correctly even after deleting and rebuilding them. Becoming quite ridiculous. Had never even contemplated moving to Hubitat before this fiasco but am now and if I do I’ll also leave the Samsung ecosystem completely and work toward LG TVs (far superior to Samsung), LG appliances, Pixel phones, and Hubitat smarthome, which is what I should have done from the start.

The update says it’s resolved.

However, and I have no clue if it’s related, my Nest cameras are now offline in ST and my thermostats are giving a server error if I try to change temp.

EDIT: For some reason my Nest Linked Service in ST had disconnected. I reconnected and all seems well.

I noticed something interesting that I did as a test. I moved one of my Automations controlling lights back to Smart Lighting, and what a difference for the better. In fact, it worked compared to a similar Automation that failed. I’m sure it’s related to the backend rules API work they’re doing, but my lighting automations work better now with SL than they have been with Automations. In fact, I should be paying attention in a meeting right now but instead I’m moving more of my Automations back to Smart Lighting. :wink:

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What is going on now…

I have been loosing rooms and all custom settings. Support was notified, and as of a few minutes ago I haven’t lost the settings or rooms. I will not re-organize until I know it is stable.

Something is not quite right. :sunglasses:


I’ve got 6 Nest Outdoor Cams and successfully (mostly) set up this integration.

But I am seriously trying to figure out anything useful it could do.

I’m out in the country so get interesting wildlife wandering by, usually at night. Last night the Garage Outside cam caught two deer, a fox, and either a large feral cat or a bobcat.

In the Nest app or the Google Home app, I can easily locate the motion events and see the recorded video.

In the SmartThings app, if I scroll carefully back, I see a blue dot on the timeline and a notice to the right that there was a motion event. But I’m not seeing a way to access the recorded video.

Is there any point to having my cams integrated with SmartThings?

I can’t think of a reason. It’s not really an integration. Seems to be to more a case of marketing. No comment from any ST folks either. Draw your own conclusions.

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Not sure you’re going to get many responses in this thread, which is about today’s outage. I know you already posted once in the thread about the nest integration, but I would try there again. from one user:

The main thing is that nothing is exposed to groovy smart apps, so it won’t work with webcore or action tiles or sharptools. But it looks like you can create some automations in the new V3 app.

This is the first of the outages that has affected me in the UK.

All my Smart Lighting automations have stopped working

Nuts. Sorry. I was reading one of the Nest threads when I wrote my post. Not sure how it ended up here.

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