Smarthings V3 Hub going offline (24 June 2021)

Just reported that my SmartThings V3 Hub is offline multiple times right after another and having trouble controlling my smart bulbs so is anyone else having problems with this smartthings V3 hub and if so can you report it to SmartThings support so they can the fix the issue.

I got a notification my hub was offline at 3:32pm EST and never that it was back online. I got home at 4, and my arrival automation ran, but most of my devices were offline. I unplugged my hub (v3) and plugged it back in and most came back on. Went into ide and just edit/saved the 4 or 5 sensors that were still offline to get them updated and everything seems to be working now.

Mine went offline, I reported it, and sent logs. They sent me an email to uninstall/reinstall app etc.

thats their standard CoS reply.

Can’t go a day without an outage of sorts. I’m down with only random things working. Cloud connected like Kasa is fine. Light groups are fine. Individual devices dead. SICK OF THIS.

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My hub is still online but nothing is working. Can’t control anything from the app. Device status not updating in the app. No automations or smart lighting. Samsung should clearly not be in this business.

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Having issues here too. Feels like the same issue as I experienced this past Sunday. I hope ST figures this out because this is getting frustrating.


Spoke to soon saying it was back on now devices not working. This is really getting frustrating. Come on Samsung fix this.

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Got home 3:30 pm est, found everything off-line, unplugged, plugged back in but all my "SmartThings " light bulbs and outlets not responding or super slow to respond. Had this issue about 5,6 days ago, got the email notification there was in fact an issue and they "fixed"it now im right back where I was before .ALL THIS STARTED AFTER THE APP UPDATE

I just sent support an email. Please be sure to contact them directly at so they understand the scope of this issue if you haven’t already.

**** When you say you edited and saved the sensors within the IDE what do you mean by that? Are you changing the network ID? ****

he is just trying to refresh the sensors by clicking on edit and then save.

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Thanks Awestun. Just got a reply from ST and they acknowledged the issue is on their side. Surprisingly a few minutes later just about everything is working in my system.


Same issues here, again. The past week plus of issues has finally pushed me to take the big step to full Home Assistant integration.

From the Smartthings Status Page:
June 15 - firmware update.
June 16 - Issues with Device Control and Automation Execution
June 17 - SmartThings Platform Degraded Performance
June 21 - Issues with Hubs, Device Control and Automation Execution
June 22 - Issues controlling Hub-connected devices
June 23 - SmartThings App Degraded Performance
June 25 - Issues controlling Hub-connected devices

Samsung stated that they moved away from hardware, to focus on the “platform”. If this is what they expect to provide as quality of service then they have their priorities wrong.

I have been a Samsung guy for many, many years but my experience the past 6 months has pushed me to look for other solutions.

Good luck - once my Zigbee USB radio gets here the Smartthings hub goes in the bin. I had been running HA with the Smartthings integration for 6 weeks and the only issues I have had is when these outages happen (Smartthings is a cloud push integration).

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My own QOS requirement is six months MFOP (maintenance free operating period), and preferably 12. I don’t expect things to be perfect, but I do expect them to be working without requiring any effort from me for that timeframe.

I do get that from a lot of systems, including Alexa, ring, Philips hue, and Apple HomeKit. but with smartthings I’m lucky to go 10 days. So for now I only have convenience use cases on it.


I ordered a Zooz Z stick a couple days ago as I’m in the process as well. This will be the easier for me than the Zigbee, so I’m starting with this first. I haven’t setup the integration between the two yet, but will be to limp along. I really hope I don’t need to fully migrate away, but these outages are making my wife quite angry and asking to do away with the “not-so-smart stuff”.

Oh, and most of my house is working again… but not all. I’ve given up for the night.

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My house is a mix of Zigbee and WiFi. The ST hub was handling the Zigbee radio and devices. As I wrote, I was full on in the Samsung ecosystem - tablets, phones, soundbors, etc. Smartthings was a natural for me as a basis for my smart home.

With all of these issues I have had it. Got my feet wet with HA, now I am going over to the dark side fully.

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Thought I’d mention that this outage is impacting the Smart Lighting smart app for me. That’s a first. Normally my automated lights work even during outages like this. Not this time.

Looks like my setup to turn on a set of lights on motion if 1 particular lamp is off, is ignoring the state of that lamp.