Problems with SmartThings App?

I can’t get the SmartThings app to work on any of my Android devices. It just says Something’s Wrong.

Is anyone else having issues this evening ?

I’m in UK on EU-01. Where are you.
Nothing on the ST Status page.

Yes - EU01

Same here. Europe, Estonia, eu01 (UK Hub)

Same for me on any device, UK hub in Poland

Same here… happened around 7pm ish…

Same issue for me here. However the previous version of the mobile app works, as well as smarttiles.

The Platform Status page has Mobile App Connectivity set to Degraded…

looks like they know about it

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Cool, thanks for checking that again and for the update.

Yes. They’ve just updated it.
Only took 90 minutes. :slight_smile:

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Degraded Performance - That’s one way of wording it !

I would choose another way. :rage:

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Same here - happened while installing a smartapp. Thought for the first few minutes that I’d broken something

Just had an on-line chat where they requested a force stop of the app and then open again.
No joy. By the time I’d completed it the chat session was closed. :frowning:

I have the same on IOS☹️

Same here. In the UK

We do.

Sorry guys and gals.

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All back working again. :smile:

Yes - looking good now. :grinning:

yep… light came on and then i was scared… it was the missus :laughing:

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Same issue for me too.