Problems with SmartThings App?


I can’t get the SmartThings app to work on any of my Android devices. It just says Something’s Wrong.

Is anyone else having issues this evening ?

ST App (UK) Somethings wrong
(Bob) #2

I’m in UK on EU-01. Where are you.
Nothing on the ST Status page.


Yes - EU01


Same here. Europe, Estonia, eu01 (UK Hub)

(Andrew Day) #5

Same for me on any device, UK hub in Poland

(Dan) #6

Same here… happened around 7pm ish…

(Antongiulio La Corte) #7

Same issue for me here. However the previous version of the mobile app works, as well as smarttiles.

(Dan) #8

The Platform Status page has Mobile App Connectivity set to Degraded…

looks like they know about it

(Antongiulio La Corte) #9

Cool, thanks for checking that again and for the update.

(Bob) #10

Yes. They’ve just updated it.
Only took 90 minutes. :slight_smile:


Degraded Performance - That’s one way of wording it !

I would choose another way. :rage:

(Jayantkaul) #12

Same here - happened while installing a smartapp. Thought for the first few minutes that I’d broken something

(Bob) #13

Just had an on-line chat where they requested a force stop of the app and then open again.
No joy. By the time I’d completed it the chat session was closed. :frowning:

(mark) #14

I have the same on IOS☹️


Same here. In the UK

(Tim Slagle) #16

We do.

Sorry guys and gals.

(Bob) #17

All back working again. :smile:


Yes - looking good now. :grinning:

(Dan) #19

yep… light came on and then i was scared… it was the missus :laughing:

(Marc Mc Cabe) #20

Same issue for me too.