SmartThings hub v3 setup issue in Philippines

i bought this smart thing hub v3 and when i about to do initial set-up phone unable to detect it even manual adding device wont work. still i unable to add it on smarthing apps. does anyone encounter this same issue?
i live in the Philippines and i bought the unit in U.S. Thanks in advance.


i able to acquired a valid us mail. still unable to detect the smart thing hub v3. getting frustrated to set up my unit. btw thanks for the idea.

This has been noted in other Hub V3 threads but bears repeating: the US Hub V3 is designed specifically for the US market and complies to US radio regulations. Running a US Hub V3 in other countries is likely to be illegal. Running a hub in a country it was not designed for may cause radio issues for you and others near you.

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thanks for a great insight, does this regulation apply on ST hub v2?

Yes, radio regulations apply to any device that contains a radio, Hub V2 included. The regulatory compliance situation for the V2 is somewhat simpler due to the lack of Wifi.

as anything in the Phil, its only illegal if you get caught but who’s going to police it, they don’t have enough money to buy freq scanners. Plus St/zwave/zigbee is not widespread so they don’t see a reason to scan frequencies let alone sell these products in the store.

i agreed with you Dek. im using ST v2 now. i switch from ST v3 because i unable to set it up in Philippines.

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Hello Al, I live in the Caribbean and purchased the ST V3 and no go, cannot use it, if I purchased the V2 would it work or does it need some custom changes to make it work?

it will work. no need to do any custom changes. almost like plug and play.

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Thank you for these information. I bought a smartthings hub v3 from amazon US and I am living in Turkey. Exactly the same problems happened with me. I created an account using a US VPN but I couldn’t connect the hub.

I just wanted to be sure about the smartthings hub v2.
1- Do I need to create a US account for it, or it does not matter?
2- Do I need to use the VPN all the time while the hub is functioning?
3- Do you think v2 hub would work fine?

Thank you in advance;

Did you buy and try the ST v2 hub? did it work for you? Please tell us about your experience :smiley:

i bought ST V2.

Thinking of getting the Hub v3 US for use in the PH. I think the US version has the most support for ST devices (compared to the UK version).

I was able to install the app, sign in with a US email over VPN, and I can now see a whole slew of ST devices, including the Hubs. Even after switching back to a local connection, all ST devices are still searchable within the app.

Is this assurance that any US ST Hub and/or device I purchase would work in the PH?

I can say Hub v2 works next door in Taiwan :slight_smile:

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Guys can you share what is the outcome of the findings? I have purchased a V3 hub from UK to be used In Hungary. (Same standard so it is not illegal). Managed to complete the installation but during the activation the LED color changes to flashing blue and never activates the hub

v3 dont work outside US as far as i know.

Well they do sell a European V3 hub. I understand it is widely used in UK. I found another discussion thread where they discovered there is a SW issue for Wi-fi connection. Samsung is working to update the SmartThings app. Beta should be complete hopefully soon.


i’m sorry to revive this thread, but i would like to ask if you were able to finally set up the v3 hub.

i have a v2 hub already set up in my unit here in manila. i’m thinking of setting up a smartthings network back home in the province, once the pandemic dies down (if and when). in any case, i’m seriously considering the v3 hub primarily because of its wider range compared to the v2. but i have qualms over issues by non-US v3 hub owners–such as in your case–with setting it up.

by the way, when i set up the v2 hub, i requested samsung through email to change my account country/region setting to US. with that out of the way, will a VPN connection during the actual setup of the v3 finally work? i understand that for setup purposes, i will have to use the smartthings connect app.

i will appreciate any advice from you and from the other members of the ST community. and i look forward to any updates on your own journey with setting up your v3 hub. thank you and stay safe.