Is it possible to setup the the V3 Hub via WiFi?

(Ma Lu) #1

Hi I just got the new Smartthings V3 Hub and I am unable to set it up via LAN cable, can it be setup via WiFi? The HUB shows up the the list of WiFi networks as st-hubv3-057 however password is not known. Thank you

(Mark) #2

Are you in the US?

If you’re not, then you’ll apparently have to jump through some hoops to add the newest ST hub to your account, as it appears to be restricted to US users (for now at least). That is unrelated to whether it’s conncted to your LAN via Ethernet cable or WiFi.

(Ma Lu) #3

I am located in Singapore, just bought the v3 together with the sensors a couple of weeks ago.

Can you please share how I can add the newest ST hub v3 from outside US? Thank you