Help: Setting up a v3 ST hub outside of the US

hi, i’m from manila in the philippines and i currently use a v2 smartthings hub. i’m considering another hub for our family home back in the province, and the greater range/coverage of the v3 (compared to the v2) appeals to me the most. i plan on setting it up to use ethernet (not wifi).

however, i have read several threads here in the community that setting up a v3 hub outside of the US is kind of difficult, if not impossible. i’m wondering if some of you in the community have already discovered a workaround for this.

my samsung account is currently set to US. so will using a VPN connection to set up and activate the v3 hub work?

i understand that i will have to use the smartthings connect app for the initial setup and activation. however, will the classic app work with the v3 hub thereafter? i’m currently using the classic app with my current v2 hub, and i have read that the new app has less features than the old one.

thank you for your insights. :slightly_smiling_face: