Cant find the hub 2018 in the app

Problem: want to add the Smartthings Hub 2018, but cant add it in the app and not all the categories are showing.

Extra Information: I live in The Netherlands, but set an router VPN up that is connected to New York. And also using location spooving on my phone and the VPN ofc. (new smartthings/samsung account created while in “New York VPN”)

Thank you from Mika Leinders :smiley:

It sounds like you’ve done everything expected, but when you go to what does your country/region say? It should look like this:


Cant find it, but the writing is in dutch so i guess something isnt how it should be

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Look under your profile:


Even though it’s in Dutch, hopefully Profile is still the first option?

Ahhh, thnx :smiley: yeaa… the country is in the Netherlands as well, there is no option to change it. New account, and create the email via the VPN aswell? Or should i just contact Smartthings that i want the change the country?

This has been noted in other Hub V3 threads but bears repeating: the US Hub V3 is designed specifically for the US market and complies to US radio regulations. Running a US Hub V3 in other countries is likely to be illegal. Running a hub in a country it was not designed for may cause radio issues for you and others near you.

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You can’t call SmartThings to change that, only a call to Samsung will work. You’ll have to provide a valid address and other criteria, and then you’ll receive an email with an electronic form to process. Once that gets approved and validated, your region/country will change.

I know because mine was wrong and I needed to get it changed since I live in the Eastern part of the U.S. and the new SamrtThings app would not load SmartApps for me.

Hy Mika, how you’ve solve it? i have the same problem. I’m in Argentina, and cant add my smartthing hub v3 with de app.