Smartthings Hub v3 is not detected

Hello all. I am from Pakistan and trying to automate my home lighting, I recently ordered few things including:

  • Smartthings Hub V3
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Sengled Bulbs

I know about the Z-wave frequency supported in US and I placed my order accordingly. Now I have received the stuff, Installed the smartthings app using VPN due to location constraints. I turned on the v3 hub and its light is blinking red and green. I have the latest app for smartthings hub 2018 but it is not getting detected, even I am not able to find any options in selected devices menu. Please look the screenshots and guide me how to connect. Also suggest if I should buy the v2 hub instead due to location constraints?

The V3 hub is region locked. You will need to use a VPN and set up a USA Samsung account.

Hi!! From Argentina yesterday I was able to make the hub gen 3 work! try now! here is unlocked