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I hate to start off being negative but what in the world was Samsung thinking (or not thinking) by not making an app for a Windows PC? What a bone head move! Especially for cameras! It kind of makes me wonder if dealing with Samsung might not have been my smartest move…

Anyway the general question is “has anyone come up with a way to run the SmartThings app on a Windows PC”? I tried BlueStacks but every time I try logging in the app disappears.

They did once make a windows version of the app, but it was discontinued about 4 years ago…:disappointed_relieved:

Meanwhile, if you’re just looking for dashboard type functions, there are several third party products which are browser-based, so would work fine on a pc. Most people use them on tablets, but if you prefer a windows UI they would still work.

See the following discussion:

FAQ: Sharptools , actiontiles or native ST app for your wall panel? (2020)



Well…. I am going to start with a simple one. How do I view my SmartThings Cameras on a Windows 10 PC?

Don’t they have RTSP streams for integrating with camera viewing apps?

I’d actually query what on earth they were doing in making apps at all. Most of the stuff in the apps could more usefully be web based and be all the better for it. Apps as presence and occupancy sensors, and as notification and alarm devices I get. Apps as dashboard type devices I get. Apps as the only currently available way of doing shed loads of stuff I don’t get. Especially when they don’t work quite the same.

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I have to agree with you Graham. I have been doing Networks and PCs since the late 70s and just today started delving in to these SmartThings Camera and Apps and am not impressed. This will probably be my first and last Samsung SmartThing because of it. Samsung makes really fantastic Monitors, SSD Drives and TVs. They really missed the mark here…….

That would be a good question for Samsung :blush: I would guess they do but even something as simple as getting the IP address of the camera is not for the novice.

In case you missed it, Samsung very recently decided they no longer wanted to sell or support self branded SmartThings home automation hardware, so they are handing that off to partners. They will continue to provide the app and the cloud.

Aeotec is taking over the hub and devices for North America and Europe, but they have not included the camera in those announcements. I’m not sure it’s going to be continued. In fact, I’m not sure it was manufactured by Samsung to begin with, most of the smartthings branded devices were OEM.

An Update Regarding our Hardware

The cameras are Sercomm RC8335PRO but Samsung did change them and without knowing the setting you can’t do much with them. How nice of Samsung….

Wouldn’t that be nice…

To add to what JD said, there are great dashboard options available but if you’re looking for a fully functional app replacement, this is the closest option which is currently in development:
Alpha Opportunity: Browser-Based Web Portal

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I have to honestly say the SmartThings Cameras are effectively boat anchors without the SmartThings App. No web access, you can’t attach them as an IP camera to a NVR, Nothing. Thank goodness I only purchased one. Samsung bit the big kahuna on this one. Proprietary to the max.

I found a little generic camera viewer and put it on my PC. I was able to add a Hikvision but only because I knew the username, password, management port and the IP address. I found the IP address of the SmartThings camera but without knowing the other items there is no point.

I have 4 and they work great within the app and TV as intended for a home setup. They do exactly what I need them to do

I could have sworn I saw it in a reply to one of @prjct92eh2’s tweets, but I went back and looked and now I’m thinking I might have just been dreaming. :crazy_face:

I don’t see a replacement for the fixed position ‘SmartThings Cam’ yet, but it looks like the SmartThings 360 Cam that was at CES 2020 may have been released under the Aeotec brand:


Not sure they talked about it much, but IIRC it was just hanging out at the edges of their setup at CES 2020:

As usual, both @prjct92eh2 and @jkp noticed it before it was released. :smiley:

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They do work well, as long as other family/shared members don’t mind not being able to see what went bump in the night (recorded clips)… well, if they are quick enough they might be able to catch something on live view.