Smartthings Find on PC

Hi Everyone

I’ve been using the Samsung Smartthings Find app together with my selection of Smarttags very successfully and am very happy with the whole setup.

I recently did a search as I was wondering if there was a desktop version of the app I could use on my laptop.

I found out there was and was very excited to try it out giving me big maps on my laptop and seeing all my trackers rather than my tiny phone screen.

After installing the software all seemed good however I could not find the Smartthings Find Tab, all other tabs are there except the find one, according to the screenshots of the app it should be there, but on my laptop its not, so I can’t use the find function which is why I installed it in the first place.

I thought maybe the software had a glitch so uninstalled it and reinstalled, same no difference, so tried installing it on another laptop, same again no find option.

I would put up a screenshot but my last post on this got removed by the bot and was never put back up.

If anyone has any ideas it would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Alan

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Are you referring to the SmartThings app on Windows? The SmartThings Find functionality only works on certain Samsung Galaxy Books.

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Hi Graham

Thank you for the quick reply, seriously this is news to me, I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere that it had to be a Samsung PC.

Well if that’s so then I’ll guess I’ll have to run an Android VM on the laptop, but that is not a solution to me or other pc users really.

I’m surprised and don’t see why it can’t run on a standard Windows pc, what’s so special in a Samsung one?

I did just find the article from Windows Central

" Samsung announced that SmartThings would be preinstalled on its Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360, but it doesn’t appear to be exclusive to these laptops. The app listing states that the SmartThings app has been optimized for the Galaxy Book, but it appears to work on any Windows 10 device. I was able to download it without any issues on a Huawei MateBook X Pro.

While many smart home and connected devices have their own hub, Samsung SmartThings can bring home automation to another level. You can use it to create scenes with different lines of products or program automation to make devices from different brands work together. You can also use SmartThings to find lost Galaxy devices."

So it appears its possible on a non Samsung device
Cheers Alan

Because it keeps you in their Samsung ecosystem $$$


I think your not quite getting it.

The UWB is only for the smarttag+ I have normal Smarttags which do not use UWB so it irrelevant, my Samsung phone also does not have UWB.

UWB is only used for close proximity when your within say 10-20 metres of the tag and you need a phone with UWB

In normal use the tags lost are a long way from your phone, so again UWB would be of no use, you are just relying on the tag talking to a normal Samsung phone passing by using Bluetooth.

So your statement above still does tell me why the find option is not listed on the PC app version, I even checked the Microsoft store specs for the app, my laptop meets all the needs, the app is working fine, just not the find option.

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As you note, my previous answer was wrong, that only applied to the Galaxy SmartTags plus which use UWB. My bad.

It sounds like you should contact SmartThings support, since the following support article indicates you should have the regular SmartThings Find feature under Windows 10 or 11.

(You may already know this, but this forum was set up years ago so customers could help other customers—it’s not an official support channel.)

There’s an official support link at the bottom of the answers page I just posted.

From the description in the Microsoft Store …

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Hi Graham, OK I sent support a message, let’s see what they say.

Cheers all for the answers, will update here when I get feedback


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Good to know about this, but I couldn’t even log in. Evidently others have had similar problems, and the ratings are low. It looks a lot like the developer version of ST, so perhaps the current web interface will be replaced with the smartphone looking interface?

The ST app on windows is garbage. Can’t even see the detail view of a device.

su galaxy book non funziona il find

Yes this would be a very useful feature. I see my SmartTags in the Windows SmartThings app but they say “Not supported” for each one.