Windows SmartThings App

I just purchased the SmartThings hub because I have a Windows phone. I already had a SmartThings Cam SNH-V6414BH and I went through the steps for the hub but it never recognized the camera. What do I need to do or who should I call. I specifically purchased the hub because of the Windows compatibility.

Contact ST through your smartthings app.
On an andriod this is->
3 horizontal lines top left and then support.

There’s Windows App? News to me. Or do you mean Windows Phone?

On my andriod I use the smartthings app that i downloaded via the Google play store.
I don’t have a windows phone and i’m not sure I’ve ever seen one tbh so I don’t know what they call their ‘apps’.

Windows Phone has a store too, and the app is called SmartThings. They have a native app for Windows Phones. I was just clarifying the subject of the post “Windows SmartThings App” as it can be a little confusing “Windows” as in the desktop app.

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I ended up purchasing another Samsung SmartThings Cam SNH-V6410BH because Samsung support said this one will work with my Windows 950XL phone. She said I need to download the Samsung Smartcam app. I told her there wasn’t an app and she told me to go to my carrier. I told her my carrier doesn’t have anything to do with apps. I did find a link on the web at and downloaded the webviewer to my folder but it’s not working because it’s not in the application folder. Note I also downloaded it on my laptop and it finds the application and works from there. So I’m still trying to get it to work from my Windows Phone thanks