Smartthings Dashboard on Windows Galaxy Book only?

So i have just seen at the galaxy book reveal that a Smartthings Dashboard Windows 10 app is coming, however the way they worded it, sounds like it will only be available in Galaxy Book devices.

Does anyone have more information ?

Also, as i was frequently checking the Smartthings web alpha, the green wallpaper was very recently added, and seing this today makes me think they are interconnected as they have the same functionality available.


this actually looks different than the web dashboard (and possibly a bigger change coming :wink:). Have a link to the video?

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Sure it starts at arround 9 mins

Also the full one from cnet

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ok, so this screenshot is what I was looking for. I’d expect to see a whole new UI across all SmartThings apps coming soon (Maybe end of May like noted in the announcement of Universal Guide going away). It looks to be a One UI 3.1 related makeover. The biggest thing you can see is there is now a single Favorites location instead of only favorites by room. Matches the way Classic app worked and other apps like Apple Home work.


Just been playing with the MySmartthings Dashboard beta (can be linked from following article).

I have it running on my Win10 PC and on my 8" Samsung Tab A (which cannot run the ST app (by any of the devious install methods I have tried).
Still very Beta, I feel.

yes. the thread for it is here:

It is now available on the Windows Store, it is still beta.

Its actually two different things.

  1. Browser based web-portal (beta)
  2. Smartthings app for windows
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Have tried the App for Win10 and I can control switches, however I can not open any devices to see properties, ie battery, history, etc, etc.
The web app does allow the above.

Keep reading to learn how to use the Home Screen in the SmartThings app.The above content is provided for entertainment and information purposes only.