Smartthings Windows APP is now available in the Microsoft Store (May 2021)

The new windows app is missing many feature in the android mobile APP, and has less features than the Browser-Based Web Portal.
There is no access to automations or smart apps, and no way to add devices.

Just saw that but i can’t find it anywhere!

I found it in the Microsoft Store by searching for Smartthings.

There is no access to STHM.

Device tiles can not be opened/expanded to see additional features or controls.

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Yeap saw that as well. Also you need to have your region set to US in order to get it.

i wanted to be excited, but i’m mostly let down. Severely limited in function, still full of bugs. hopefully this was some kind of accidental release :confused:

Here’s a link to it in the microsoft store you can try


As @Paul_Oliver mentioned, its severely limited. No automations, smartapps, STHM, device details, cameras feeds, device history, lighting groups, can’t re-order devices within rooms, etc.

And the bugs…oh the bugs.

Scenes don’t load at all for me

Device states aren’t accurate

TV is currently off, and the mobile app shows it as off (also can’t turn TV on/off for some reason)

Standard DTH for a Sylvania RGBW bulb, status “Connected”

but a custom DTH for a Sonoff zigbee temperature sensor works! (good job @mvevitsis !)

no room for devices that DO have a room in the mobile app

This once again proves that Samsung DOES NOT TEST THEIR OWN APPS. :rage:


Not really. I got it in Sweden.

Oh dear. What is desperately needed is a fully developed web portal that will work on any platform, not yet another app seemingly being developed in isolation. How ridiculous is it that we constantly see different functionality and different bugs on the Android and iOS apps in stuff that should all be done on the backend anyway?

But then I keep saying that …


Is your windows region sweden?

You have really high hopes… It is part of the “normal” release cycle as you can see.

Wait for the hundreds of articles about it, and the videos from Home Automation supoorters. It is again a huge advertisement campaign for Samsung. Someone gets a tap on the shoulder, good job, maybe another pay rise or a promotion. It works well.

@JDRoberts, can you check how is it working for you with Text-to-voice?

@nathancu, here is another good example for your how NOT to do things list.

And where is @blake.arnold when a release like this happens? Is anybody supervising these release cycles? Or everything is that much agile at Samsung that nobody cares about it anymore?

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Yes my windows region is Sweden

Sorry, I don’t use Windows these days.

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Here’s the full description from the Windows store.

Seems like it was written by somebody that has no idea of SmartThings, or even generic IoT, terminology.

“Devices registered through Wi-Fi AP”

So Ethernet or hub connected devices don’t work?

“Various devices can be grouped into one mode and operated at the same time”

Mode or scene?

Well, given that the home appliance examples are

refrigerators, kimchi refrigerators, wine cellars, washers, dryers, air dressers, ovens, dishwashers, cooktops, robot vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air purifiers, etc

along with

speakers from outside as well

I’m going to bet that’s coming from Samsung corporate and someone who doesn’t have English as their first language. Just sayin’… :wink:

I still suspect this is coming out of that pilot project from about a year ago. That one was all about the appliances.


cant even log in “Sorry, an error occurred while processing the page you requested. Please try again later.” what a CoS

The key point, publicity…

When I first saw the news I exclaimed “Yeah! Finally!”, when I tried it, “D@mn, not ready yet for actual use!”, anyhow I am happy it was released and look forward to the grueling process of it turning into a usable app. :wink:

I was going to submit a ticket via this link to get help for my Scenes not showing up…