When will you release a UWP App?

SmartThings, when will you make your Windows Mobile app a Universal Windows Platform app, so I can use SmartThings on my desktop PC and on my windows tablets? It shouldn’t be hard considering you already have a Windows 10 mobile app. I finally ditched my windows phone and went to a Samsung Galaxy but I REALLY want the app on my desktop PC, especially when I’m doing a TON of setups. It would be so much easier/faster to do on a PC.


Just so your aware, Smartthings has not released an iPad app yet and considering how easy it is to convert an iOS app from an iPhone formatted app to an iPad formatted app, I would not hold my breath on further development for Windows 10.


See, this just makes no sense to me. They are targeting users for their product who want a smart home. A very high likelihood of that target market is people who would use tablets, and people who would wall mount tablets. I for example have 6 HP Stream 7 tablets wall mounted around my house for home automation controls. INSTEON has an app that runs on there as do virtually every other Smarthome platform I use with the exception of smartthings and alexa. Instead I have to use smarttiles which isn’t the best alternative. Honestly I’m shocked they don’t have an app that works on iPad as I am sure there are a lot of people who wall mount iPads, control4 people, etc.

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Agreed, but you will find out that a lot of things Smarthings decides doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most people who use wall mounted tablets, use Smarttiles including myself for this reason.



For now try the Home Remote app on your Windows 10 tablet/pcs. They update their app often and its pretty customizable if you don’t mind some playing around w/ their designer app. If you don’t want to do that the stock Home Remote app is fine once you add your ST Hub to it.

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Thank you for the suggestion baboss! I had not seen that one. How new is it? I would think I would have found this before :slight_smile:

Not sure how long its been out there. I felt the same way when I found it. One of these days I’ll really dog into it and build my customized layout for it. That looks really neat.

It took me a while to stumble across this post, which has been out their for a while.
I use it this and SmartTiles. While I’m not having the issues others are with the SmartThings app, I really only use it for setting up new devices.

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