SmartThings constantly asking to add Matter plug

Sorry if this is in the wrong section but first post here.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and for the last month or so I’ve been getting a popup asking if I’d like to add an ‘EcoFlow Smart Plug’ but I’ve no idea what or where it is. I do have four Samsung smartplugs in the house, one of which is currently plugged in but the popup mentions Matter so not sure if it’s asking me to re-add that one?

I’ve set SmartThings to stop trying to add devices but it’s still continually asking me.

Any ideas how to stop it?

That would be a completely separate device. Nothing to do with the smartplugs you have.

Do you share Wi-Fi with anyone else?

Alternatively, do you have a Google home device?


Internet isn’t shared with anyone and yes, I have Google Home devices.

Do you have neighbors that are close enough that your hub is detecting the device? I have a mystery Zigbee bulb that connects itself to my hub all the time. I think it belongs to my neighbor since I’ve never bought any Zigbee devices.

Ok, first thing, check the list of devices in your Google home and see if the plug is listed there. Smartthings and Google have a special arrangement where they will push matter devices to each other, and I think that’s what could cause that kind of pop up.

This was my though too. Any neighbors within bluetooth range?

With that said. Matter devices are only supposed to be in onboarding mode for 15 minutes, so its strange your seeing it for so long.

I don’t know for sure, but I think the special partnership that smartthings and Google announced for Matter works differently than regular onboarding. The two have agreed to share their list of Matter devices to the other AFTER the matter device has been onboarded to one of them.

When you open the SmartThings app, any Matter-enabled devices already set up with Google Home will be made available to add to SmartThings and vice versa. This will let you add to and control your devices with either the SmartThings app or Google Home interfaces, which could include a Google Nest Hub and the Google Assistant, as well as the Google Home app.

Samsung and Google use Matter to add interoperability between their smart home platforms - The Verge

I did think that was a possibility then why would it continually keep asking me? That feels like a SmartThings problem as I’ve told it not to scan for devices.

There’s nothing in Google Home that shouldn’t be there and nothing connected to my router that shouldn’t be.

Triple posting but I’ve noticed also that if I just manually scan to add a device it doesn’t appear, even if I do it right after it’s popped up.

Ok, then it definitely sounds like a bug, but it might be a bug in the new matter partnership between Google and smartthings that I mentioned, in which case it could be the fault of either company.

May be a dummy device they were testing notifications with, and it accidentally got released to customers.

I would start by reporting it to support at both companies and see what they say. I haven’t seen anyone else report it, so it may be just affecting a specific group of customers.

With Google, you usually get to support by first selecting the hardware you are using.

By any chance, have you signed up for a beta program with either Google or smartthings?

Hello there,
Any solution for your issue ?
I have an ecoflow battery with some smart plugs at home but don’t want to use or have it in smart things.
I unchecked everything in smart things settings but it is constantly asking me to add the matter devices (multiples devices) each time I unlock my phone.
I also canceled the smarthings app on my phone but still asking to add it the smart plugs.
I have to click « do not add » hundreds of times every day I will throw the phone against a wall if it keeps asking me.
Please I really need help for my mental health.

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Not yet but I raised a ticket with Samsung this morning. I’ll update with anything useful.

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If you can set up a guest network or other alternate network, that might solve the issue.

Smartthings started using automatic discovery for LAN devices a couple of years ago when they introduced “super LAN connect” and it was really annoying at our house because we are three adult housemates and one housemate was not using smartthings and had their own devices in their own rooms and ST kept adding their devices to our ST account. :rage:

Eventually, he got his own Wi-Fi, which fixed that problem.

I’m not suggesting going that far, but a subnet might do it. :thinking:

Tagging a couple of people who know more than I do about how smartthings handles LAN communications and might have more to add:

@TAustin @blueyetisoftware @Automated_House

I have it!
Go to settings, connection, more connection settings and turn off « nearby device scanning »!


I’m glad that worked for you, but note that your issue and the OP’s issue are actually different.

You have the physical device on your network that you were getting the notifications for, you just didn’t want to put it in smartthings.

The OP doesn’t own the device that they are getting the notification for, and they aren’t sure where the notification is coming from.

Changing the settings might work for a problem like yours, where there is an actual physical device on the same network.

I’m not sure it’s going to work for the OP, though. :thinking:

No, I actually want my phone to scan for nearby devices as Samsung use it for wireless earbuds etc.

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At the moment, all LAN discover is custom. Each driver does their own discovery that is typically triggered when you “scan nearby”. These case of items being automatically discovered come from something outside the driver. ST is doing something special there.

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Had a fairly generic support response saying to clear cache and data from SmartThings and check for app updates.

I’ve had the cache and data clear, which triggered the pop-up to two different devices (different IDs in the pop-up) but I’ve not had any more since clicking not to add them.