New SmartThings WiFi not Showing All My Devices

I just got the smartthings wifi with hub. prior to setting up I have a Modem wifi routher and a Netgear router acting as a access point. I have my Alexa Eco Plus with hub Gen 2. I also have ECO Plus Smart Plugs working fine with Alexa. At this time I have my ECO Plus Smart plugs will show up in my Old wifi setup. When I changed to my ST wifi I cant connect them to the Wifi they wont show up. What I’m talking about is when you setup the ECO Plugs you drop down your wifi list and they show up as ECOxxxxxxxx then you click on it go to the app and rename it and use it. When Connected to the ST Wifi there not even showing up. Any one have any ideas. let me know thanks. I use the plugs through Alexa and have routines setup with them.

I know the Wifi Plugs wont work with ST App but they should show up on the Samsung Wifi i would think.

Have you tried resetting the echo plugs? And is the 2.4 ghz network enabled?

I just setup the ST Wifi, the three units with the hub included. Ill have to check and see if the 2.4 ghz is on. Ill try resetting one of the plugs thanks for the tip. Real quick question. It’s my understanding that ST only connects to IFTTT, Zigbee & Zwave devices right? Also when buying devices should I get ones that will connect to Alexa Eco or ones that connect to ST I’m using them together. Is it my understanding that Wifi devices wont work with ST?