SmartThings WiFi plug (2019, USA)

Samsung has posted the page for the new SmartThings wifi plug. Nice slim design that doesn’t block the other outlet. Can handle 1800 W at 120 VAC. Doesn’t require a SmartThings hub. $17.99

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Ahhh. So I get it. They’re killing Zwave and Zigbee support for SmartThings and going WiFi only. No hub required.

not quite. Just offering options.


I’ve been thinking on this a little. The no-hub thing is cool for new people or casual users that may only use voice control. But for those wanting to use SmartThings brand sensors, this could become confusing when they learn about zigbee meshes and needing repeating devices and then learning their new plug doesn’t help that and they need to buy the model that is almost double the price.


Has anyone tried this plug? I’m not clear if it includes energy monitoring, but the description appears to indicate that it does. Checked IDE but not obvious which DH template applies to this plug, so unable to confirm from capability list. Would appreciate confirmation if anyone has verified. Thanks!

It just came out, so probably hasn’t shipped yet. Also won’t be in the IDE/Groovy handlers since it connects directly to the cloud. Good question though! I agree this blurb makes it sound like it does indeed have power monitoring.

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Can anyone who has played with one of these tell me if it returns to the previous on/off position after a power outage?

The capabilities include switch, power meter, and energy meter.

In my very non-scientific tests, the plug actually seems to default to off when power is restored after losing power. There is an understandable bit of a lag regarding device control while it reconnects to Wifi after losing power.


If you need this to return to on instead of the default behavior, you should be able to do this by monitoring connection status with WebCORE as a trigger for a simple logical routine. I have a piston that does something similar to this.

I have one of these outlets on order and can test this out if anyone is interested.

Is there any device handler supporting the old smartthings app? I can’t see the power meter or energy meter on the old app.

no. need the new app to use all features.

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Hey Guys, I’m unable to get this outlet to show up as an Actuator in my WebCore SmarthThings setup. Am I doing something wrong or is this outlet not compatible with WebCore? I’ve been able to get the previous version of SmartThings outlets to show as Actuators in Available Devices but not this WiFi one. Having this problem in both v2 and v3 of SmartThings hub. Thanks!

It doesn’t work with any of the legacy Groovy Smart Apps, including webCoRE.

That’s a bummer, thanks for letting me know!

Has anyone found a way to use the power meter capability? I can see the power level in the app but it does not seam to work in Automations. I can create the automation but it does not trigger based on power level changes. (Also not in Webcore, smartlighting…)

Side note: the setup of this plug was a disaster. It took me at least 5 resets to get it connected.

It won’t work with any groovy based smart apps. Have you tried the automation creator in the new app?

Yes I did. That’s the one that does not work for power meter. It does work for turning on/off.

Interesting. I tried it with a z-wave outlet with power monitor and it did work. Must be something in the ST cloud not working right for the WiFi plug. I’d report it to support.

I purchased two of these smart plugs on Amazon erroneously thinking they were zwave because they have the Smartthings logo. The instructions say the light will blink green and red when it is ready to pair, but it only blinks green. I was not able to get the classic Smartthings app to see them, but I did get them paired with the new app on my Samsung phone. My home is fully automated with the classic app. I’m not sure what I should do.

Do they work with the classic app? (I think no.)

I can return them to Amazon and get zwave plugs. I don’t really know where the technology is heading.

Can I make my zwave house run on the new app?

Why isn’t anything easy and just work the way you want it to? (No need to answer as I’m being rhetorical.)

Advice is appreciated.

SmartThings doesn’t make any z-wave devices. Only Zigbee and WiFi. This sounds like a good opportunity to learn the new app :slight_smile: The wifi plug doesn’t work correctly with Classic.

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