SmartThings app in Samsung TV is blank - no devices

I have a Samsung TV QN75.

TV is connected to SmartThings.
I can control it from my phone (new SmartThings app) and it displays notifications such as the ones from water sensors.
Everything seems fine however, the built in SmartThings app is always empty. It doesn’t show anything and every time i open it I got an unable to connect error.

It is connected via WiFi.
Does anyone have a clue of what is happening here?

Try contacting ST support. Also check if there are any firewalls blocking access for your TV. Any updates available in the Samsung app store?

Well, here is the thing:

  1. TV firmware is the latest.
  2. The built in SmartThings app cannot be removed, it can only be re-installed. Already did that.
  3. I can control the TV using the SmartThings app on my phone.
  4. I can also control the TV using Google assistant (voice commands) and Google Home app (which is connected through SmartThings).
  5. The TV gets SmartThings notifications and I can use the TV to browser the internet, YouTube, Netflix… you name it. All looks good.

If the built in SmartThings app has some specific firewall requirements I can’t find it documented anywhere.

As for SmartThings support… already contacted them but no luck.
So far all they did was ask me to reboot everything.

Honestly, this is a Balmer…

Samsung is terrible keeping things synchronised. Look at some topics regarding SmartThings compatible TVs are not being compatible with SmartThings. An update of the firmware broke it back then. No comment…

Are you able to control the TV remotely? I mean if your phone it on 4G and not on Wifi. Have you added the correct Samsung account to the TV and the region of your account is matching with the TV’s set region?

I can just guess. I have a 2015 model, which has a remote control app, but that’s all. It wasn’t ever compatible with ST. Indeed it could be. But not for powering on…

Make sure your TV has the same region as your Samsung account and you did log in to the same account as in the mobile app.

Worst case scenario, reset the whole TV through the service menu and start from scratch. It is just a TV.

(I guess you have already realized that the smart part of the TV was a waste of money, and a 60 USD Xiaomi Mi Box with AndroidTV can do things better, and that will received updates even two years later… :wink: )

Do you have any type of ad blockers/malware blocker on your home network such as AdGuard or other?

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@ebrito, Or a PiHole.

Yes to all your questions. What leads me to believe it must be something on their end.

Totally. The built in SmartThings app was the only reason I got this TV in the first place.
Moving forward I will get TV’s with build in android tv or devices like Mi Box and Amazon Fire TV.
This will give me the freedom to choose a different TV brand.

No, nothing like that.

I thought I should share this, it is so sad that it is funny :sunglasses:

Feb/03 the support guy ask me to once again, to remove the TV, from SmartThings, reboot and re-add it.
I did it and replied to him almost immediately, letting him know it didn’t work.

3 days latter (today), he comes back, apologizes for the inconvenience and asks me the version of the App installed in the TV (the same app he already told me to re-install, which automatically gives you the latest version so… he knew that).

And then… he asks me if I’m still experiencing the problem.
What part of “it didn’t work” from my last email he didn’t understand? :smiley:

I will keep playing this game and see for how long it last.