Samsung TV and built in Smartthings App

I have purchased a new UE65NU7475 Samsung TV. The user interface that comes with the TV allows for the download and use of the SmartThings app for use on TV (it had it installed by default). I can turn the TV on and off, change the channel and volume via the mobile app, but nothing else.

The app on the TV looks like this.

The app on the TV doesn’t have any of the buttons shown in the picture above. The app on the TV shows my two zigbee light bulbs, but I cannot control them. It also doesn’t show any routines or scenes that I’ve created. It seems like it is not fully integrated.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or something I’m missing from the TV app? Perhaps a TV setting I haven’t enabled? Any help in the matter is appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve got a Q7F TV with the same app.

My devices do show up and work OK but every now and then I have to logout / log back in for them to appear.

Its not fully working, some of the devices I have in the classic app (phone) don’t show up.

It’s also a bit clunky and slow to respond sometimes, but OK for turning a few lights on/off and running a go to bed scene.

I’ve found if it works in the new app (phone) then it works on the TV