SmartThings Android App Updates - Version (Apr ‘24)

I’ve only just received this so I’ve no idea if anything is new or fixed.

Update: I can’t see any obvious changes. The geonames for the Location remains broken.

I also didn’t find any changes.

On this version the light status on the favorite screen is no longer displaying any lights when they are turned on. I disabled the status toggle and even the whole status feature on and off several times and it makes no difference. Normally when any light in my home comes on it shows up in that status bar area making it simple to see which lights are on to turn off individual lights or turn them all off with a single click… that is no longer displayed. I believe that status bar is also supposed to show at the top of each room that has lights so you can perform the same function that also has disappeared.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I am have the same issue with lights not showing in the status bar.

It seems to be working well for me on two phones. The phones have different users logged in and the settings are per user so they weren’t showing the same thing.

Since this version of the app has rolled out the presentation for the tiles has been updated and the lighting tile now includes devices with the Switch category as well as Light and SmartPlug. I don’t know if that might have confused anything.

It was working just fine I’ve noticed something changed in the last week where lights switches or dimmers are no longer listed. The tile is gone, it never displays regardless of which lighting device is on. I have 30+ lights and switches from different manufacturers so this is not a device or category problem this is a bug in the app or some nonsense the ST is doing in the cloud that is preventing the lights and tile from displaying. I also have the app installed on three wall hubs, two tablets and 4 phones and the experience is the same on all of them.

Curious. What does the ‘Show <location> status’ menu item on the favourites page show? Has Lights disappeared from there too? If not is it still enabled and have you tried updating the list of selected devices?

Lights is checked along with every other status tile. I tried unchecking and rechecking lights as well as turning off status and turning it back on with no change. All of the other tiles show up just lights is refusing to display when any light is turned on.

After updating to this version, information about temperature and humidity received from the air conditioner (Samsung AR9500T) disappeared from the application. Now the information appears only when the AC is running, if you turn it off, the information will disappear. In the old version of the application, information about temperature and humidity was always available.

I haven’t looked at this for a while. The geonames seem to be working now. Unfortunately the maps are no longer being displayed.

As if by magic, having confirmed the maps were missing on two existing Locations and one new Location for two users and two phones, the maps have were back within seconds of writing the above.

Well I’ve seen no change to the Lights Tile it is still missing in action regardless of which device the app is running on. Lights come on, the tile never shows up.