Smartthings Android app ( update ) May 10 2023

A few changes to the UI

Favorites page notifications at the top are now smaller and out of alignment with the rest of the tiles, some items dont appear to work for me, your mileage may vary
Weather tile missing
Home monitor tile used to show monitoring for smoke now just shows not monitoring
Temperature and humidity option available in the settings has no tile, no idea if it is supposed too
There is now at last a tile for off line devices, it is small but it is there, its not perfect as it shows Tvs as off line when in reality they are simply on standby but thats a whole other topic

Tried a cache clear and re install of the app, no change so i am not sure what we are supposed to be seeing at the top of the still un organised favs page

Switched off device tiles now appear translucent which is fine unless you use a black or very dark background… then the affect is not visible !

Maybe a server side update has occurred since the text above but now the non functioning options are now working, sadly the weather tile continues to take the user to a web page rather than a dedicated app page and i am not sure how the temperature is calculated, perhaps an average of all temp sensors

On an unusual plus side, these small tiles do display a certain amount of smart which the apps name indicates


With the update I noticed all my devices that I changed the icon to fan reverted back to the default device icon.


Had two GE outlet change from the outlet to the switch. Both running @Mariano_Colmenarejo switch driver. Changed on back to the stock beta now the @Mariano_Colmenarejo driver is no longer available for that device.

Device 1.

Device 2

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I have noticed the following:

  1. 1 of my 2 hubs was renamed
  2. Some icons revereted to switches for various physical devices (zooz edge drivers)
  3. Switchboard icons reverted to the sprinkler looking icon with no option to change them
  4. A few devices were removed from routines (mostly motion sensors using zigbee motion sensor mc driver)

Good grief.

Can there please be an end to this madness.


This is happening on iOS also from yesterday. No option to change the icon now.

That also happened to me yesterday, but I am still on Android So it doesn’t appear to be related to the app update.

Anyone else having mobile presence detection issues after the update? Have app installed on Pixel 6, but now not reporting location at all.

Try Menu, cog, get your location from this phone

I have always allowed location access but after the update it asked me again to allow access

Yes, I’ve turned that off then back on and confirmed that Location permissions are allowed.

I’m still on on Pixel 4a-5g Android 13.

All my devices that had the “can light” icon reverted to either the switch or bulb icon. Some on Edge drivers, some on DTHs, some ZigBee some z-wave

Hi @Jake_Mohl
I don’t know if it has to do with your problem, but that Z-Wave Switch Mc driver is outdated and you should install the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc.
Although if the driver is installed on your hub it should still work

I don’t know what has changed, but it is before the update of the Android App, that some devices have stopped showing the icon change options. I don’t know if they have to do with the fact that the profile has an icon and a VID defined in the metadata and they have given priority to this over the App options


If you click on the favorites small mosaic of the home temperature or humidity, it shows you all the devices capable of measuring temperature or humidity in your location.

If you click on the 3 points menu on the top right, it allows you to choose the devices you want to use to calculate the average temperature or humidity


FYI. I’m not sure yet about the presence problem, but I do see that my fan switches have changed icons from the fan back to the inverted T icon. Further playing around I have found that my iPad will let me change the switches icons to every choice except for the last two, the “ceiling fixture” and the fan, and the changes appear instantly on my Android phone. However, my Android phone will let me change the icons to all the choices.

IPad is on ST
Android phone is on ST
And the driver is just the default ST Z-Wave switch driver, ver 2023-05-09T18:33:45.26072198

Both devices say there is an upgrade available, but I’m not moving until this is reported as stabilized. :grinning:

Update: About an hour after posting this, I found that my presence using the Android phone does work, as does the one from my wife’s Apple phone.

So perhaps the issues noted in previous posts were on the back end and not in the app? And they have been corrected? Here’s hoping. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you Mariano but i am aware, the initial displayed temp on the top of the favs page seemed irrelevant at first as all my temp sensors were selected, this mixed internal and external sensors, once i had deselected the internal sensors the displayed temp became relevant for my needs

In the edit menu of the devices, the option to delete device has disappeared.

Searching, searching I have seen that now the option to delete a device is in the 3-point menu at the top right next to the + sign to add device

In the tile menu delete option appears too

In RGBW and colorTemperature bulbs they have merged the control of brightness, color temperature and color.
I don’t quite understand how this works.

They have added four presets again, but they are combining the color temperature and brightness level

Whoa! Circadian rhythm control and a new sleep timer option. But oddly, both can’t be enabled at the same time.


But only for light groups, right?

No, individual bulbs too. But it seems only cloud connected lights :thinking: so far it’s enabled on my Wiz and SwitchBot RGBW bulbs.