[SmartThings App] Favorites section light status

Just noticed a new notification tile on favorites showing how many lights currently on

There seems to be a bug or 2 though, IF you deselect a device and a light changes state during the time the selection page is open, everything in the list of devices gets reselected automatically

Some devices shown as lights are not selectable in the picker list to deselect? For example i have a zwave smart plug using @Mariano_Colmenarejo driver Zwave switch MC ( Freezer main plug) to monitor a freezer, it shows in the picker list but is not available when trying to edit and deselect it

Only three devices are selectable for me, the others are shown as lights regardless.

It isn’t clear how they are selected. One room has fourteen devices. All have ‘light’ in the name. Ten of the fourteen have had their icons changed from a generic switch to a light. Nine of those are displayed. None of the other five are available.

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I can understand including smart plugs as they may have lights connected to them but it is odd that some devices are seen as lights but have no reference to being a light and odder still they are not available in the picker list to deselect, i can only assume it has something to do with how the drivers are developed and the references within them

Should also be noted that non edge devices can not be included in the lighting notification tile, maybe not so obvious to some users

The ‘Show status information’ menu, which is also reached by a long press on one of the device status icons and selecting ‘Settings’, uses the same bonkers UI as STHM where you have to guess you can tap on a label to select devices. However if you don’t have any devices selected it writes ‘Select devices to show this information’ in blue. So for lights I see this message because I don’t have any of the optional devices selected, even though there are lots that are being used.

I have one remaining device on a DTH, a Sonoff plug that seems to have fallen through the cracks when the DTH was ported to Edge. That is one of my selectable lights. The other two are virtual lights.

Will re read and digest your post in a while but what has confused me further… a DTH device shows in the lighting notification list ? I also have one device left using the IDE, i think it is an Ikea smart plug, i left it as is because i have been too lazy to clamber up to it, so far it has not been auto transfered to edge, it does not appear in the lighting list like other smart sockets which led me to believe IDE connections will not show… yours does ?? Whacky !!

Examining the list further now, more inconsistencies, i have a Fibaro RGBW controler with many virtual switches for various colours, only one vswitch colour is available in the list … white ? Why not all the other colours and why just white, other lamps with colour capability correctly show… confusing