Show location status not displaying lights option in favorites

for some reason the lights toggle does not display in favorites, show locations status. How can i get it to display? I have many lights/devices in this location. thanks

just to clarify, on the favorites tab, then click on “show location status”, lights does not show as an option to toggle on or off…all the other options temp, weather, security, smoke, leaks show up…but not lights

I find that the app does not always assign Lights as the value for a device that you believe to be Lights. For example, dimmers and switches don’t show up as Lights for me, only smart outlets.

Also, for any given room, click on the lightbulb at the top of the device list->Select devices and make sure at least one device is selected, if available.

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I suspect you only get offered a toggle for stuff it thinks you have. For example I don’t get offered a toggle for Shoes Care Machines, whatever they are.

I can’t remember offhand what the criteria are for lights according to the API. Not that the app ever limits itself to the API.

i think that is whats happening…and i cannot see any way to edit a device to designate it as a light…
thanks for the reply

i think you are correct…what’s odd is i have several brands of dimmers, and light switches, and none of them get reconized as lights…


I’m seeing exactly the same thing: no switches or dimmers, just smart outlets. Ironically, one of the two virtual device creation drivers on one of my hubs shows up in the “Lights” list & the other does not! Curious…

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When they first introduced the device groupings, I mentioned the mis-classification of outlets as lights and the missing switches and dimmers to the ST staff. They made some temporary changes and had me test them and switches and dimmers showed up. Then those changes were reversed and were never re-introduced.


Interesting…thanks…this one seems pretty straightforward to fix…but, who knows whether they will ever do it…

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There is a /summary endpoint in the client API that clearly corresponds with the summary tiles on the favourites page, and /summary/presentation appears to control what is displayed, when and how. The latter seems to require that the lights have to have a type of oic.d.light or oic.d.smartplug to feature. This seems rather inconsistent with the attempts to promote the category elsewhere. There is also a lighting group named Summary-lighting-group.

In my case the /summary output and the Summary-lighting-group contain the same three lights, and those are the three lights that are listed when you ‘Select devices’ when viewing the lighting tile. So everything seems consistent.

If only …

The /summary endpoint is currently telling me that I have 3 lights on. However the tile in the mobile app is telling me that I have 4 lights on and if I click on the tile I see the status of 12 lights, not just the 3 that I can select. Also, as we know, the app displays room summaries as well.

My impression is that the mobile app is, as is its wont, partly respecting the API and partly just doing its own thing.


Is the summary lighting group the same as Smart Lighting? Can I delete the ‘Summary Lighting Group’ without effecting all my Smart Lighting or routine stuff?

Summary Lighting Group is the collection of lights under the light bulb icon on the Favorites page. I’m not sure it can actually be removed. It has nothing to do with the Smartlighting app and its routines.

Thanks for the info.

I just disabled / unselected the Lights option in favorites, then in my.smartthings on my PC I deleted the 'Summary Lighting Group which it did. Thing is before I deleted this I thought I had 92 items including the group, and now it is showing only 89 items, so it deleted another 2 devices which I need to work out which was deleted. (Actually I think those two were 2 x Virtual switches that I removed last night) Anyways it seems safe to remove, I think.

I have about 20 switches and dimmers, but don’t have the option to select “Lights” in favorites. How do I create a summary lighting group?, or otherise get them to register as lights? thanks!

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The Summary Lighting Group is the one that shows up on the Favorites page. As far as getting devices included in the room and/or Summary groups, you don’t have control over that. Currently, only devices that are type oic.d.light and oic.d.smartplug can be included in the light groups. Devices of type oic.d.switch are not included, although, it’s not clear why they shouldn’t be if oic.d.smartplug devices are included. ST staff had me test some changes last year that made oic.d.switch devices appear in the groups, but those changes were reverted and never reintroduced.

You can see you device types using the community developed ST API Browser+ by clicking on Devices->“Your device”->Details.

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The ‘Summary Lighting Group’ in my situation was created automatically after I added the notification on the homes screen to show which lights are turned on.

ahh…well i got the api browser working…that’s a start, and yes ,all my lights are oic.d.switch…and, that those are not included doesn’t make much sense.

thanks again

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Glad you got it working. There is a lot of information that can be gleaned from the API Browser+ that isn’t found in the ST Advanced Web app (but all of which is available in the ST CLI. This is one example. Another is information about the Matter endpoints and device types that a device advertises when it is commissioned as well as the vendorID and productID. And you can learn a lot about a device’s capabilities vs the mobile app device and automations presentation from looking at the device Profile/Config/Presentation information.

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