Energy consumption in status overview

I’m not the greatest artist but I think you’ll understand what I mean.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the energy consumption for the whole home and in every room in the status bar?

Plugs should also show the watts in the tile.


You should also post your feature request in the App Store. The app developers and Samsung staff are more likely to view the request there. :slight_smile:


Even better per the other thread this am, that it works with all devices that report power, not just a few select Samsung ones…

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Energy reporting is not yet standardized in the industry, which makes it very difficult to provide something that will work with multiple brands.

The good news is that matter has now added energy reporting to its specification, so if device manufacturers choose to adopt that then they can report energy through matter for their matter enabled devices. But the standard was just released recently, and I wouldn’t really expect to see these for another 12 to 18 months.

I think this is one where Samsung/SmartThings can’t be blamed: there are more than a dozen different ways of reporting energy in different models right now and you just can’t expect a platform to keep up with them. It’s why you get limited energy reporting outside of the brand’s own app on pretty much every home automation platform, from Apple home to home assistant.

The Smartthings Energy app recognized all of my devices automatically…

The information seems to be easily available. What it needs is a status tile much like the temperature and humidity tile in the status bar.

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