Smartthings android app update - 4 Aug 21

I have just got an update. Here are the changes

Changes so far:

  1. Pause Leaks monitoring

  1. Finally! A list of which automations a device belongs to within the device page!

  1. If a device does not belong to any automations, it will show the old quick automations section.

  1. Device page now only displays the timer.


Mashing the update button here

Hey mike are you on android or ios?

Droid Andreas, S10, looking forward to this one

Well i got it last, last time so it is my turn now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Definitely seems like your among the first, perhaps Cyprus is a test area :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hahahaha lets hope they keep it that way. If you like i can hook you up with an apk.

Appreciate it Andreas but I’m unhappy to wait, I’m sure it won’t be long

Any other changes ?? Layout I’m hopping and Iphone users are just praying the thing works

Dont know but i added more things in the original post have you seen them?

From your screenshots the biggest deal I see is the long missed Shortcuts to automations, at last the ability to regain control quickly and easily returns

Hiding the quick control items on the device screen when they’re already setup is an interesting choice. I assume this means when you choose a quick control from the Automations menu it no longer sends you back to the device screen?

For sure my friend

Hm ok when it is switch it displays both. You can also tap a plus button at the top right to make an automation with that device right within the device menu.

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Excellent news, looks like some big issues bringing these options to life have been overcome

Yes i believe so as well. Also from what i know by Christmas, we will be switching to the new dth types.

Which makes me very very nervous, I rely on the current IDE and custom DTH for my Fibaro RGBW controler, if the IDE goes away where does that leave custom apps, in s##t creek as far as I can see

Yup. Bad thing is i haven’t found a cheap zigbee replacement yet. But because it sucks big time and know that the end is near i removed it completely until something better/cheaper comes along.

There is an answer but its on another platform…

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@Andremain I assume Groovy automations, like those in Smart Lighting, are NOT listed in the new tab on the device screen?


Just Automations? What about Scenes?

Have you found a way to switch it off?

Update: Actually scratch that last question, I see it is all on its own tab. That is the big news for me, ridding the Controls tab of Quick Controls. Seems odd not to bundle in the Timer too.