SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - Android

New version. Not much in the release notes.

I don’t remember seeing it in the previous version when looking but see the replace option for Z-Wave devices in this version.


Did you find any other newly dropped Easter eggs?

Someone said the temperature charts now show the proper unit of measure.

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That was me. I noticed it yesterday, before the new version of the app was released.

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ah, so it was before. Still hasn’t hit iOS :frowning:

So far haven’t seen much. The changes must be on the back end of the app.

The biggest change (and certainly most welcomed) is that you can actually rearrange the rooms on the home page (and the changes actually stick even after you navigate away from home)

Mine “stuck” before this last update.

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I’m posting out of turn here as I’m using iOS but wanted to make the point mine stuck until I signed out. Upon signing back in the order was lost.

I have seen that behavior in the past too. When I noticed that the graphs displayed in Fahrenheit the other day, I tried reordering my room list (basically putting the scenes back at the bottom) and it stuck. This was one day before the Android update. So far I haven’t had anything jump out at me except the replace option for z-Wave.

That’s definitely an iPhone problem. You should get an Android device for a much better experience :slight_smile:


Thank you for making my day :rofl:.


I just got this update, and at first all looked OK, and I was able to get into many devices; but as soon as I tried to reorder my Rooms to put them back to what they were, the app crashed hard. It’s still down, and the only prompt I see now is the Android system message Close app or Wait.

EDIT: Upon the restart, the Rooms I was able to resort were saved, that’s a good sign. I’ve resorted the rest, and changed favorites around (again), and they seem to be sticking too. Only time and another crash will tell.

EDIT: Crashes are back… The only good part is that Room order and Favorites seem to be holding after about 20 or so crashes.

I don’t understand why you can’t delete their “notices” under the hamburger menu. They all renew as unopened for every app update. I don’t care what was updated in Feb. of 2018.


Yay… I think this release is worse? This is all I get after a crash…

Don’t get me started on that :smile: but I do have one that I thought was possible in the past but I cannot seem to find it how to do it now: remove things from my Home page. Am I missing something obvious, or isn’t possible to hide any sections like scenes, or a room, etc…

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I don’t think this was ever possible

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Maybe I wanted it so bad that I tricked myself into believing it was once available LOL

Did you try clearing the cache and/or data? If that doesn’t work try deleting the app and re-installing? That has fixed some weird issue for me. You won’t lose anything by doing this.

Yes - Literally hundreds of times, and all that does is force me to rebuild all the backgrounds, sort orders of Rooms and Favorites, and undo the SmartThings panel; so yes, you do lose a lot by doing that.

ST has reached out to me directly several times over the last couple months, and they are very aware of what’s going on. What’s unfortunate is that this hasn’t been going on for a month or two, but almost from the day the new app was released a year ago.

EDIT: I am noticing that my sort order of Rooms seems to still be holding after every crash, and that’s never happened before.

EDIT: Never seen ST come back with “Unknown device”… These were the two favorites I added, but now this. Great.