Android app update 8 February 2020 - v1.7.43-22

Has anyone updated the smartthings app? Looks like they changed the u.i. doe the individual devices. Looks really good. Not sure what else has changed though. I did.notice the icons listed in the automation name. Overall liking the design very much.

Android or iOS? I do not see any new updates for iOS yet. You may also want to post the version

Android & the version # is 1.743.22. Just got it today. I’m on a galaxy note 8.

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Someone said it added dark mode support. Icons on automations look nice (taken from FB group)

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Where is the setting for dark.mode? My eyes are horrible & I could use that.

U cant be the only one who got this update. This forum is always packed with comments when an app update comes out.

There isn’t an explicit setting in the app rather the app will follow your Android system setting.

Also, the initial rollout percentage is still quite low.

Ok thanks @Brad_ST.

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So when is the iOS version coming? :grin:

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Has anyone had issues with this update? I haven’t downloaded it and was just asking.

@Brad_ST, would be possible to add to the requested feature list the followings:

  • Setting to turn on/off dark mode, not just depend on the phone’s settings.
  • Set the language of the app, not just depend on the phone’s settings.

For most devices, Controls and History are shown on separate tabs.

I’m liking the new look but upset with no dark mode. I have a note 8 and may get the note 20…or whatever they call it but that is still awhile off.

Interesting twist on existing ide simulators.

How so? I read that feature as a way for someone new to SmartThings to play with the app without actually needing devices.

Well.i have that app.version & I dont see that option anywhere.

@Brad_ST. Any reason why i haven’t gotte this update yet? My wife’s phone has gotten the update more than 15 hours ago

As I referenced above, the rollout is gradual. It’s based on Android version but even if you and your wife had the same exact phone and same OS version, you wouldn’t necessarily receive the update at the same time.

I like the new layout for the list of existing Automations.


Hello just got this update but i lost my device control once you click on the device and i can’t dim.
See picture.

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