SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.65 (April, 22 2021)

new update out today


Anything good? Or the usual, see much staff has changed! And nothing changes?

The amount of storage being used seems to have been reset (mine was using 13 GB before :scream:). The speed of editing scenes and automations seems to finally be fixed.


nice - Hope to see the same on Android - I’ll keep an eye out for that.

What was wrong?

it took almost 2 minutes to open a scene, make a very simple edit and save

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Locks aren’t showing up as an device you can add to new automations any more for me. Sigh. It’s always something.

Wow! You had to go through this every time?

weird. they show up both on the IF and THEN side for me.

yes. it sucked.

I could probably delete and then reinstall the app, but since it is too stupid to store the device order in the cloud my whole dashboard would be hosed.

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I give up. With every release, something new is broken for voice. :disappointed_relieved: It is now impossible to select individual Sensors for smartthings home monitor. And really difficult to activate a scene.

  1. Select a scene from favorites. Every scene button just has the label “button,” but it’s repeated twice so I don’t know if there are two fields there or what. It does read the labels underneath, but by the time you select one it’s usually onto the next scene so it’s really easy to choose the wrong one. Also headings are not identified as headings.

  1. Select sensors for a particular smartthings home monitor mode, part one


  2. Random fields on various different screens simply aren’t selectable by voice at all because they have been incorrectly encoded.

BTW, since you can’t even select a favourite scene from the main screen, I find it very hard to believe that anyone is doing accessibility testing on this, unless all the testers only have one scene in their setup. :thinking:



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Sorry to hear this @JDRoberts, I’ll spend some time today reporting these issues. I may PM if I have any questions.


I was discussing this with a friend of mine, he suggested the following is a persistent UI failure through the app:

  1. Headings (like the word “Scenes”) are not identified as headings. This is crucial for usability, particularly on screens where the same phrase, like “Security” may be used many different times in both headings and clickable elements.

  2. clickable elements like buttons sometimes have no descriptive text label, just the action description. Like the fact that every scene just says “Button.” :rage:

  3. A visual design may have multiple clickable elements that all lead to the same destination. Such as a picture icon and the text beneath it. When coding for a voice reader, you want to read what’s there but only make one element actionable. Otherwise it’s super confusing. So back to scenes again: the circle, the picture icon, AND the text beneath it are each presented to the voice reader as an actionable element. But some have no text labels. So the person using a voice reader hears:

Away scene Button

all for what should be a single choice.

And that’s if they’re lucky. In other parts of the screen, like the STHM armed states, navigation goes horizontally, so you first hear a set of choices. Then another row of the same choices but with different labels.
Then maybe even a third row but with still different information. It is crazy confusing. :scream: