Something big is coming! (June 2021 app update)

Except one, all the offline leak sensors are the ST leak sensors using the default ST DTH. Several other identical sensors, using the same DTH, work just fine. I am puzzled, but given the sensors actually work, and report leaks via webCore, it seems that the issue is strictly with the SHM.

I have a support ticket for this issue, it’s #1209633. They’ve acknowledged the issue and it’s been escalated to the development team. That’s support talk for “yup it’s messed up and we have no idea when it will be fixed, so we’ll close your ticket so our performance metrics look good. Have a great day!”


So I haven’t updated my app yet due to seeing people having issues all over the place. Should I still update or wait until the next update?

keep waiting, especially if you’re on iOS

Alright, thanks. (On Android)

Same here, all SmartThings leak sensors and they all say they are offline. They did report a leak when I tested them today, but SHM didn’t execute the programmed response of shutting off the water valve for the house. Given all the other sensors for contact/motion/smoke/CO2 show as offline this is becoming highly frustrating.


Every time there is a SmartThings app update, I can only think of acronyms, like BOHICA the app is FUBAR again. This update did not disappoint; a lot of potentially nice new features, but functionality that spirals down the toilet. Devices, automations and features that don’t work, app crashes, messy rooms, devices on the wrong hub, etc. It’s pretty bad when you start wishing their was a PC/browser interface.

Ironically, I have worked out a lot of bugs, have most automations working again and am hopeful I will have everything in working order by the time there is another significant update where I get to start all over again…

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Is it… Stability?

/ exits

Just received this mail shot

Something big is coming needs to be pushed out to Samsungs advertising team

Wrong version shown by people creating content that do not use the software they are hocking


I just don’t understand how you can be so out of sync…

Multinational conglomerates. Even the best of them have this issue. If design isn’t driven from the top, sync doesn’t happen. :disappointed_relieved:


I would agree JD but…

I’m not an Apple fan in the slightest…however there advertising team are the best in the world, that kind of error would not happen with Apple

I don’t like Apple but I like there advertising team :grin: I’m just weird like that

Their products are design-driven from the top. That was true for most of their history, except during the Sculley years (when the company almost died).

But Samsung has a very different structure.

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So, I’ve had time to play around with the new app, and for now I just want to say that it’s worth a great deal of praise.

So, well done @SmartThings !


I’ve observed that in the latest ST that adding a delay to an action in automations causes the action to never occur. For example, delay setting my home mode to Away for 5 mins after we leave. Or delay turning off a light until 5 mins after a triggering event.

Has anyone else observed this behavior or can confirm they are experiencing it as well?


Just now I’ve had something different yet equally inexplicable. An automation to turn on a lamp at night when there’s motion from a motion sensor and auto turn off after 10 minutes, has stopped working. I recreated the automation without the night pre-requisite and it works. So something about time is not working.

Same here, I am in NZ (UTC+12), all my night time based automations are being trigerred in the day.

Anyone else have their Schlage Z-Wave locks go offline after the 8/4 Smartthings update? Both were showing offline and nothing seemed to revive them. I tried resetting one of the locks and re-adding it to the network, but it isn’t discovered and won’t connect. The other lock doesn’t say it’s offline anymore, but performing any function times out. It’s too coincidental that the update happened on 8/4 and there is no activity logged after that date. This is a major issue for me because programming multiple user codes on an on-going basis is a pain without a tool like LUM.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I’m not sure this thread is the right place to ask, though, as it’s referring to the June release.

I suggest you either start a new thread putting the lock model in the title or ask in the following thread about the most recent update:

Will do…thanks!

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